My Favourite Things At Christmas

December 06, 2017

We've got a long running joke in my family about traditions. It's a word I almost used to title this post, then realised I would be ridiculed by my family when we're all home. Apparently I have a thing for calling things traditions when they're not. And maybe I do get caught up on repeating things that we enjoyed doing the year before. But if we've enjoyed it for a few years, then why not call it a tradition?

We've gotten into quite a routine in my house when it comes to the Christmas holidays... from the films we watch, to the games we play and the music we listen to. To me, it makes me all that more excited for the holidays to come around. So today I thought I'd share a few of the things that make me happy over the Christmas period.

The Best Christmas Album In The World
There are so many Christmas albums and compilations out there, but this is the favourite in my house. It starts off with John Lenon's Happy Xmas (War Is Over), and memories of putting up the Christmas tree, and walking into the living room on Christmas Day are all accompanied by the voices of John and Yoko wishing each other a Merry Christmas.

Mario Kart on the Wii
For the last few years we've dusted off the wii so that we can play some family games. Our favourite is Mario Kart, and we've been known to spend many a day playing the game (while drinking wine and eating lots of chocolate).

The Santa Clause
Hands up, I admit that I will watch this any time of the year. But watching it close to Christmas time is by far the best. This can go for any Christmas film really. There's nothing I love more than watching a Christmas film, while its dark outside and the Christmas tree lights are on. It feels cosy and its my favourite time.

The Christmas Markets
Is there anything better than visiting a Christmas market to get you in the Christmas spirit? Last year I shared posts on Edinburgh's market and Aberdeen's Christmas village. This year I'll be visiting both again, as well as checking out Newcastle's Christmas market. Tasting all the food, warming up with a festive drink and being surrounded by beautiful crafts, twinkling lights and amazing smells.

Of course, Christmas is a time for family. There's nothing I love more than having the whole family together. Whether we're playing the wii or watching a movie together, I love having them all around. I also love giving them their gifts, especially when I've put in a lot of effort with the presents, I get so excited to see their reactions.

Now this I can say is a tradition, without fear of my family shouting at me. Every year we leave out Christmas sacks for Santa to fill. And Christmas morning we're up early to delve into the sack and see what goodies have been left. Christmas Eve always ends with the four of us kids getting a photo with our sacks before leaving them in our spots for St. Nick.

Christmas Baking
The food is one of the best things about Christmas - its a perfect excuse to eat everything. And one of my favourite things to do is bake - cookies, mince pies, peppermint creams, cakes... They all taste so much better this time of the year!

These are just some of my favourite things about this time of the year... Of course, I love so many of the other things, and I'd love to hear your favourite things to do this time of the year!


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