Things To Do In Aberdeen At Christmas

December 12, 2016

December, you're fab. The start of December brings with it lots of festive cheer, and surely even the ol' humbugs can't stop a wee smile on their face when they see the Christmas lights go up and decorations slowly creep over every inch of town. That's not to say there isn't a stocking full of stress that also come with December, but the festive fun can always outweigh the bad - can't it?

A couple of weeks ago I posted all about my favourite things to do in Edinburgh at Christmastime (if you're visiting our capital then have a look at that here). This week its time to see what Aberdeen has to offer. Uni is starting to wind down for most people - although the ever present weight of dissertation is hanging over my head - and schools are beginning to ease up on the homework load and slow down for the holidays. So its time that us Aberdonians, and those lucky enough to visit Aber-dream explore the festive goodies that the city has to offer over this month.

The Aberdeen Christmas Village
The Christmas Village was a newcomer last year, and has stamped its mark on the city centre. Town has been transformed into a winter wonderland with wooden stalls lining Union Terrace and bright lights from some massive rides seen from Union Street and School Hill. Down in Union Terrace Gardens is a Christmas Tree Maze, with Christmas trees covered in twinkling fairy lights, begging you to take a visit and try to find the elf's hut. With lots of food stalls and bars offering warmth on a cold winter's day or night, the Christmas market is a perfect place to spend some time surrounded by Christmas cheer. 

Twelve Days of Christmas
The twelve days of Christmas is new to the city this year and perfect for families. It's one to make a trip around town for Christmas shopping a little more enjoyable. Dotted around 12 different locations are twelve totem poles with carvings from the song Twelve days of Christmas. Everyone loved 'dolphin spotting' with all the dolphins around the city a few years back, and now the fun can be recreating finding all twelve days and seeing the amazing carvings. 

Carol Concert - The Winter Gardens, Duthie Park
Again, the Duthie Park are holding a Christmas carol concert in the winter gardens, and it's one that's on my Christmas bucket list for sure. On Saturday the 17th of December, the gardens will be filled with song as you sing along to all the best carols, to get you totally into the Christmas mood. 

A Trip to the Theatre
Christmastime marks the return of the Panto. It's great fun for the whole families, while children will enjoy the fun of the performance, adults can also have a laugh with some of the cheeky jokes and moments. HMT has its annual panto, and this year it's Dick McWhittington with Elaine C Smith taking up the lead again. While the Tivoli Theatre is performing Aladdin, and the ACT is showing Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, which Disney lovers are sure to love. 

Hazlehead Winter Wonderland
For the ultimate afternoon of Christmas fun, Hazlehead park are holding their own Winter Wonderland on Sunday the 18th. Stalls filled with Christmas goodies for some last minute gifts, and lots of singing and caroling, you won't get much more Christmassy! 

What are you most looking forward to this Christmas?


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