Welcome to Under The Scottish Rain!

I'm Emily, the girl behind the blog. I've been running Under The Scottish Rain as an online scrapbook of my life for the past 6 years.

At the wee age of 7, I decided I would become an archaeologist, and after binge watching Time Team (yes this was a thing back in these days, thanks to More4 and their marathons), I had my heart firmly set on the ancient world. Since then, I've got myself an undergraduate degree and masters degree in Archaeology, and have spent the past year working as a commercial archaeologist in Edinburgh.

As an archaeologist, my passion is to engage people with Archaeology, History and Heritage. I'm always the one to be shouting about a new discovery with folk, and I love to bang on about incredible sites and artefacts on my social media. It's my goal to become a Public Archaeologist, and what better way than engaging with people online?

I've spent the past five summers working in the Campania region of Italy, on incredible Roman sites that deserve a lot more love. While not only starting my love affair with pasta, olives and wine, I now feel like Campania is my home away from home and love to share the fascinating places to visit.

As a proud Scot, I've planted myself in the capital - Edinburgh. With history seeping into every single crevice of the city, there's so much to explore and share.

So I decided to make Under The Scottish Rain a place where I can combine all my interests and passions, all of which affectionately come under the term Heritage Tourism. This means, I'll be showcasing all the History, Heritage and Archaeology that I come across, whether that's in Scotland, Italy, or on further travels. What better way to get to know a place than to engage with its history?

Expect to find travel recommendations, city guides, tourist attraction reviews, museum guides and more.. everything will have that common red thread of heritage tying it all together.