About Me

Welcome to Under The Scottish Rain!

I'm Emily, I'm 23 years old and I've just completed my Masters in Archaeology at Durham University. I've now moved back to one of my favourite cities - Edinburgh - to dip my toes into the 'real world' and start working life. While I spend my summers digging, my passion is Public Archaeology, and I love engaging people in history & heritage.

I've been writing this blog for the past 4 years, sharing different aspects of my life. Now, I plan to share more archaeology style posts - including sites I've visited, museums I love and life as an archaeologist - as well as the lifestyle posts that I've shared for the past few years.

As a proud Scot, you can expect to see posts showcasing the beauty of Scotland, places to visit and local spots that shouldn't be missed.

Something for everyone here, right? Keep up to date with me on my social media channels and never miss a post.