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Welcome to Under The Scottish Rain!

I'm Emily - loner, loser and complicated wreck. No I'm totally kidding - and maybe a little too obsessed with The Holiday...

I'm in my fourth year at Edinburgh University, studying to become an archaeologist - or if you will, the next Indiana Jones, or maybe even be the host of a new Time Team.

This blog was started as an scrap book of my life, as I liked to call it. Although its gone through some changes over the years, my blog has developed with me and I am proud to call this space my own. It has all my thoughts, experiences and life choices written down in posts for you to read, and hopefully enjoy.

I post four times a week:
Monday ~ Lifestyle
Wednesday ~ What I Wore Wednesday
Friday ~ Foodie Friday
Sunday ~ Book Corner

I cover so many different areas of life of this blog, but each thing is important to me and has made an impact on my life.

I've also started a Youtube channel, where I hope to be posting as frequently as I can - Lost In Wanderlust.


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