I only agree to partnerships with organisations and brands that I believe in, and I will always disclaim any collaboration.

Here are the terms to keep an eye out for on my blog to know if I've collaborated with a brand in any way. These disclaimers are in keeping with ASA guidelines, but if there's something I've not been clear about, then please do let me know! 

If I'm working with a brand or organisation, where I am being paid to create the content (on either my blog or any social media) then it will be marked with AD in the title, or will appear before a caption. 

If I have been gifted a product or an experience from a company, this will be labelled as gifted. This may include meals, or entry to events. 

Press Event 
If I've been invited along to an event, which has given me early access / exclusive entry, I will mark posts with Press Event / Invited. You're most likely to see this on my social media, but the relationship will be clear in any resulting blog posts. 

Affiliate Links
At present, I do not have any affiliate links on my blog. However, any future links will be marked as affiliate. These allow me to make a commission from sales through these links. 

Previous Relationship 
If I have worked with a brand or organisation in the last 12 months, then I will disclaim this relationship, even if the product or experience has been bought with my own money.