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December 11, 2016

There's nothing better than snuggling down with a good book, a hot cuppa and losing yourself to the world. And at Christmas with all the other madness going on, sometimes all you need is to take a moment away from it all with a good book.

Everyone has that friend who loves their books / borderline obsessive. You'll usually find them nose deep in a new book every time you see them, head over heels in love with another character or in a mess on the floor after finishing their book. So I've compiled a list of some great presents that will send every book lover's heart a flutter. And what's great is that these presents don't even break the bank, meaning you can get something small or get a few things to put together into the ultimate book lover hamper.

1. Personalised Book Mug
This is a cute idea - what goes better with a book than a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate? And by personalising it with their favourite book or their own name makes it more meaningful. Find it here!

2. Typography Print
Book lovers should be proud of their love, and can show it off by having this print hung along side their book shelve (or even within the shelves). This print is bright and bold and I love it.

3. T Shirt with Book Cover
Everyone loves a good band t-shirt, but why not a book cover? Your friend can show off their favourite book by wearing this t shirt. 
Fault in our Stars have lots of cute t shirts with quotes from the book.

4. Pin
This pin is adorable, and is a subtle way to make a nod to fellow book lovers. It can be attached to coats, tops or bags and will be something your friend carries with them everywhere. 

5. Kindle
Always controversial, but the kindle is a great present for the avid book reader who's always on the go. Although I'm sure your book lover will prefer the hard copy, a kindle allows them to take as many books as they like wherever they go. Weight limit will no longer be an issue when you want to take 10 books with you. 

6. Kindle Cover
To go perfectly with that kindle is a cover to keep it safe from drops, scratches and cracks. These covers are awesome, and you can get one to match their favourite book so that they're always carrying it around with them. 

7. Book Box Set
What's better than a box set to stuck into over the Christmas holidays?  Get a box set of their favourite series, or with all the books by their favourite author. 

8. Book Quote Prints
Everyone has their favourite book, and whats better than a print of their favourite line from it, or a print of the title of the book. 
These Harry Potter prints are really cool for Potterheads, and would look lovely in a book corner.

9. Coffee & Vintage Book Club Subscription
I think that this is a super cute idea - it seems like every book lovers dream. Your pal will get a vintage book sent to them for three months, along with coffee (or you can select the tea option) . It's the gift that keeps on giving! Find a subscription here. 

10. Bookends
Every book lover will surely have piles and piles of books, so what's better than some book ends to help prop up some of the books. 
These bookends are adorable, and would lighten up a book case stacked full!

11. A Reading Journal
Anyone else find themselves being told about books that they should read then forgetting? Or how reading a really good book and forgetting the title or the author? Keeping a book journal is an awesome way to keep on top of all your reading lists and recommendations.

Think you'll find something here? Surely there's something here for every book lover, and any of these presents show that you know them and put some thought into their present. 

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