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December 04, 2017

One thing I included in last year's blogmas posts was a weekly gift guide. I found these really fun to create - thinking of presents is always something I love to do, so creating guides made me happy and excited. Last year, I took inspiration from gifts I knew my family members would like - with a gift guide for music lovers, a gift guide for book lovers, and a gift guide for dogs (because they're a part of the family too, and deserve a gift, obviously). These were really popular posts last year, so I thought I would give them a go again this year, starting off with a gift guide for garden lovers. My mum found a new love for her garden this year, so Mother's Day gifts brought her seeds and plants, and my grandma always loves being out and tending to the flower beds. So this gift guide could be perfect for your family members too!

Marks and Spencers - £12.50

Bird feeders are always a great gift, because they can be enjoyed all year round. I know that my grandma loves bird feeders because she can sit at her window and watch the birds come and feed. This one is really cute, and would love lovely hanging from a tree or on the wall.

The Gluttonous Gardener ( Not on the Highstreet )- £35

For those with green fingers may appreciate a gift that takes some tlc. The Gluttonous Gardener on Not on the Highstreet have so many different variations of plants, all suitable to be grown in our British climate, and some that don't require that much work either! So if your gardener friend enjoys growing their own foods (and maybe has a green house) then a gift like this is perfect - especially if they, like me, can't get enough olives. 

The Poppy Shop - £9.99

This set contains twine, wooden dibber, 4 seed markers and 4 seed envelopes, giving you everything you could need to make an organised allotment set. So for those with a budding green ginger would love a set like this, all contained within a cute tin box. 

Urban Outfitters - £10

Maybe you have a friend who loves gardens, but doesn't have a garden of their own? Then here's a perfect set to help them grow their own indoor plants. Because really, who doesn't love a cactus these days?

John Lewis - £19.95

Remember that bird feeder I said that could make a perfect gift for those who love watching nature? Well here's a complimentary gift if you're budget is a bit bigger. Because if you're feeding the birds, then you're going to want to store the food in an organised and cute tin!

RP Seeds ( Etsy ) - £4.99

Here's another bunch of seeds, except this one comes in an adorable bottle, making it a super cute gift to give. It's filled with wildflower seeds which will grow in areas of your gardens where other flowers don't grow. Its perfect for those with a rustic, wild feel to their garden. 

And that's a wrap, folks. 6 gifts, some small and some big which are perfect for the garden lovers in your life. Let me know if you'll be getting any gifts for the garden this Christmas! 


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