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December 04, 2016

Everyone has a family member or a friend who is very into music... For me it's my dad - his record collection has grown over the years to warrant its own room in the house, and every birthday and Christmas his wishlist is filled with records, music books or tour dvds. So it's fair to say I've built up quite the catalogue of gift to give music lovers, as well as my dad at my side to give his opinion on what's hot this year... either that or he's giving me hints for his own Christmas.

Here's 10 things that you can give to a music lover to make their Christmas day this year. I've covered a range of prices, and given some 'suggested' links too...

1.  A Band Mug
Grab yourself a band mug off of the official website of your pal's favourite band / musician, or even pop into the likes of HMV where they sell plenty of merch. Mugs can be a great gift, even if your friend or family member doesn't drink tea or coffee, mugs can be used to store pens & pencils or even hold make up brushes. 

2. Vinyl

Vinyl has become super popular recently, with it becoming (should I say it..) hipster to have a collection of retro bands. But music lovers will appreciate vinyl to sit back and listen to. 

3. Band T-Shirt
You can look everywhere and see celebs wearing vintage band t-shirts, they've really become quite the fashion trend. Band t-shirts can be a great gift if you find one of your friend's favourite musician, whether its worn out & about or worn to bed, they're a great reminder of good music.

4. Record Coasters

This one is good for a bit of fun - coasters in the shape of records. The perfect place to pop a cup of coffee on to avoid rings while kicking back and listening to a new record and drinking out of a new band mug.

5. Musician's Books
Looking in Waterstones and HMV, you'll easily find countless books. From a biography of Elvis, The Beatles or Zayn's new autobiography for the younger music lover, it's easy to find the stories of your favourite singer or band. 

6. Portable Vinyl Turntable 

A little bit of a more expensive gift, but perfect for those who love to listen to their vinyl. These portable vinyl turntables will look super stylish as a feature of the room, and great to play all their vinyl on.

7. Personalised Record Print

This is another fun little gift that can show your friend how well you know them. Get their name printed onto their favourite record, and choose the colours so that it matches their room so that have no option but to display it. 

8. Boxset - Pink Floyd The Early Years 1965 - 72
Here's one for a true music lover, and for someone who has been very good this year and deserves a big present. This boxset is filled with 27 discs, mainly of unreleased material. You'll loose your music lover to 11 hours of music, but its a gift that is sure to go down well.

9. Vinyl Clock

Another jokey present, but one that will fit perfectly into a music room. You'll need to keep track of how many hours you've sat listening to record after record, and what better way is there than with a vinyl clock!

10. Vintage Band Poster
For the bedroom wall, or (again) another great addition to a music room, a vintage poster would be a great gift. And finding a frame for it to keep it in perfect nick would be a great way to set off a vintage tour poster or stage shot.

Surely there will be something here that'll suit your music lover's personality. Almost everything in this list has already been purchased for my dad over the years, but there is always more vinyl, another book or another boxset to get... 


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