Christmas Jumper Wishlist

December 03, 2016

Everybody loves a good Christmas jumper right? The best way to spread Christmas cheer is wearing tacky jumpers - to misquote Elf. But now a-days its not just tacky Christmas jumpers that are filling the shops. Now these jumpers have become quite the trend, and some are (dare I say it) fairly low-key. I love wearing my Christmas jumpers over the Christmas period, putting up the decorations, wrapping up presents or chilling on Christmas eve, there's an opportunity to add some festive fun at any occasion. I've even been spotted wearing them out and about - maybe on a night out or two...

I'm ever so jealous of all the jumpers that line the shops, and want them all... Could I be Anna SacconeJoly when she wore a different jumper every day of December? That's the goal for me, someday... but for now I'm just lusting over all the jumpers that are on sale, and thought I'd share my top 5.

1. Christmas Holly Jolly Bauble Jumper
Asda - George

With this one you don't have to worry about it being too 'in your face'. It's super cute with the baubles in different Christmassy patterns, and a super sweet Christmas saying.

2.White Oh Deer Contrast Teeshirt
New Look 

Okay so not a Christmas jumper, but maybe something to wear when the heating is cranked up and you're having to shed some layers. I just think this one is adorable and would love to wear it with some skirts!

3. Beaded Fairilse Polo Neck Jumper
M & S

This screams quality to me (which everything from M & S does).. doesn't it just look cosy? I absolutely love polo necks this year, and this one looks like it would fit perfectly into a ski lodge and worn in front of a fire.

4. Emmy Santa's Coming Christmas Jumper

Need I say more than its from Elf? This is one that will definitely catch your eye, but will make everyone smile with it's reference to Elf, one of the best Christmas films out there.  

5. Fluffy Fairilse Christmas Jumper 

This one is a little more traditional with the alternating patterned strips along the body. The reds and greens are the perfect combination for Christmas and the patterns are, of course, super festive. 

Have you got your Christmas jumpers ready? I picked up a perfectly tacky one last Christmas, but I'm so tempted to snap up one of these for a more toned down look.


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  1. I'm in love with that M&S Fairisle number! My Christmas jumper from last year was from M&S too...they not only look amazing but are so, so comfy! x

    1. M & S make some amazing jumpers that are so cosy, it's always worth paying a little more for their stuff!

  2. Alright, now I need to go buy a Christmas jumper!! ����
    The Elf jumper is a must for me ��

    1. I love wearing jumpers throughout December! I love Elf, so I feel I need that one too haha!