Durham In The Snow

December 03, 2017

What's more Christmassy than a white Christmas? Every single year, I dream of snow just like the song - but year after year, I'm always disappointed when the temperature drops, but there's no snow to be seen.

This week, Durham was hit with an unexpected flurry of snow. I left my class at 11am, to small flutters of snow and within 15 minutes it became heavy and started to lie. I had a 30 minute walk back to my college, a bag of shopping in hand, and my jacket firmly zipped up. Within minutes, snow was everywhere, and I was thrilled. I think I walked the whole way back with a grin on my face.

As Durham is made up of a very international student population, you could see that the majority of people hadn't experienced snow like this before. I almost tripped over several folk who stopped to take photos, or pick up a snowball to launch at an unexpected friend.

Durham is beautiful on an average day - with the rivers and greenery spread amongst the small city centre. But on a day like this, with a blanket of snow, it was truly enchanting. I felt like I was walking through a Christmas card.

As more snow started to settle, I was able to make foot prints through the untouched snow - one of my favourite things to do. I live in Ustinov college, which is a bit of a further trek further out of town, past the science site. Which meant that I was greeted to fresh snow, covering the neighbouring fields of the Botanical gardens.

This was one day that I actually wanted to stay outside. But once in, I couldn't help get cosy in a jumper and put on a flavoured hot chocolate in my new mug. Christmas music was played throughout the rest of the day, and although there was still work to be done, I found myself looking out the window as the snow continued to fall.

The forecast brings hope of snow again next Monday, and I'm already praying that it comes again closer to Christmas.


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