Blogmas Day 21 | Christmas Baking - Peppermint Creams Easy Recipe

December 21, 2015

Over the next few days running up to Christmas, my blogmas posts are going to be centred around Christmas Baking and different recipes that you can try out. The week leading up to Christmas is typically when we do the most baking in our family, re-making all our favourites in time for everyone coming home. The yearly tradition began yesterday and continued well into today, with many more recipes in the pipe line for the next few days too (as well as a rocky road house kit!). Its a wonder that we bake so much - with all the Christmas foods and sweets we really don't need double batches of mince pies, cakes, cookies and more but its almost impossible to resist when you get into the swing of baking.

Today I'm sharing the recipe for Peppermint Creams - a super simple recipe that doesn't involve much time, mess and barely any ingredients!


  • 225g of Icing Sugar
  • 1 egg white
  • Peppermint flavouring
  • Milk Chocolate 
  • Sift the icing sugar into a bowl and add one egg white. Stir together. 
  • Add a few drops of peppermint flavouring - a teaspoon is plenty for this recipe! - and stir
  • Knead the mixture together, you should get a thick ball.
  • Tear off bits of this ball to make bite size pieces. Place these on a tray. 
  • Flatten each ball with a fork. 
  • Leave them in the fridge for a day so that they cool and harden. 
  • Melt the milk chocolate in a bowl over a pan of water. 
  • Carefully dip each hardened peppermint cream half into the melted chocolate and place them back on the tray. 
  • Leave the tray to dry then serve. 
Peppermint Creams have become a family favourite, as they are so light and refreshing to eat. It's also really easy and quick to make, so worth the time and effort. They're perfect to eat after a meal, and will be taken out after our Christmas dinner to cleanse our pallets.

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