Blogmas Day 20 | The Body Shop Skin Care

December 20, 2015

As you may have seen last month, I took a trip to The Body Shop where I made many a purchase, including the concealer crayon. Included in my wee haul was their Vitamin E skincare.

I had a good chat with one of the skincare ladies at the Edinburgh Princes Street store, where we determined what my skin type was - mostly combination skin. I'm past the age of getting lots of big red spots, but do fine that I get little spots often- something I want to be finished with now I'm in my twenties. I also explained how I try and avoid a lot of moisturisers as my skin becomes very oily when I add more moisture to certain areas.

I was recommended the Vitamin E range, which would thoroughly cleanse my face after a day of wearing make up. We talked a lot about my previous routine, which after summer had returned back to the dark days of nothing. I did feel embarrassed admitting this, but that's why I sought out help. And so I was given the Camomile eye make up remover which has worked wonders. All that's needed is a little drop of the liquid onto a pad and gently press it on your eye then wipe after holding it there for a couple of minutes. It's like magic, and all make up is removed without scrubbing at your eye - and good bye panda eyes in the morning!

After a month of using the products, I feel like I can recommend them. The cleanser that I was recommended is simple to use - I moisturise it into my face with my fingers, then use a pad to wipe it off and ensure that all make up and grime from the day is wiped clear from my pores. I then use the toner to tighten up my pores then moisturise my cheeks.

I've noticed a huge difference with my skin - properly cleansing my face from all the make up has cleared up my skin, and reduced the number of spots that I get. I have also noticed that my skin is so much softer from hydrating it each night.

Although this new skin care routine takes a little longer than previously - I mean 5 minutes feels like a while, but it's so worth it. I can highly recommend these products, especially since its winter and we need to take a little extra care with the harsher weather.
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  1. In this modern era, apart from having pollution every where there is adulteration of things.
    Alot of skin care products are with full of chemical. one must go for organic skincare product