Blogmas Day 18 | Foodie Friday - London Food Diary

December 18, 2015

While I was in London, I had a lot of good food - and I mean a lot. Whether it was home made meals or eating out, I was never left hungry. I thought I'd show a snap or two that I took and share some restaurant recommendations for any of you who are in London town.

Brixton Village Market

Brixton Village is an amazing place to visit, filled with street food places and cafes, and lots of people. There are too many choices here to even keep track of with any type of cuisine you could ask for, and while lost in awe at the hustle & bustle of the place I forgot to jot down the name of this place that we found for Saturday brunch. But we found this gem and loved every second of our experience. The service was amazing, run by one man and a cook - it had such a homey feel to it, like we were in someone's house while they cooked for us. We tried out the range of freshly squeezed juices, and I decided to go for Eggs Benedict, which was absolutely amazing.

Mein Tay - Shoreditch

Mein Tay is such a small, intimate restaurant, where you can hear your food being prepared. The decor is really cool, with tables that have little scenes underneath glass. The food was incredible. We each ordered a dish but all had tastes of one another's. I opted for the Chargrilled pork and egg fried rice, which had lots of lemon grass and spices making it a taste sensation. On the table was also sweet and sour chicken, Goat (which I want to get next time I go as it was like nothing I'd tasted before) curry and beef. It all tasted brilliantly and very authentic, and I can't recommend heading here if you're ever in Shoreditch area.

Camden Street Food

Camden is an amazing place to visit if you're in London. The market is fun and edgy, and you'll easily find something that tickles your fancy - food, drink, home made jewellery & soaps to vintage clothes. So after spending hours exploring some of the market, we decided to hit up the food stalls. All of which will send your taste buds into a frenzy. After much decision making we decided to have a chinese mix up box, which had noodles and three different types of chicken in it to try. There are so many places to eat in Camden that you will find it difficult choosing where to actually eat! From kebabs & pizza to fish and beef there's literally something for everyone. As well as those with a sweet tooth, stalls selling pancakes, churros, muffins and crepes will taunt you till you buy one.

As well as these places, there were many more that I tried and tested in London, many of which were street food stalls that smelt too good to pass by. Even though I only ate in a couple of the nights that I was there, I didn't end up spending a fortune. Each meal didn't come to more than £10 - a bargain in my eyes and so worth it to try different things that you don't get up here in Scotland.

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