Best Melted Cheese Recipes For Christmas

December 07, 2017

Cheese recipes seem to be everywhere at the moment - every second video on my Facebook is someone doing something yummy with melted cheese. I mentioned yesterday how food has got to be one of the beset things about Christmas - the baking, the warm comfort food and of course the cheese. One of our family favourites is melting camembert and dipping bread into it - whether we have guests over, or are just sitting together, its a highlight of the table.

So I thought I'd put pull together some of the recipes that have been jumping out at me over this last year, before I put them to the test and try them when I'm home.

Instead of copying all of the recipes into one blog post, I thought I'd share my five favourite baked camembert / brie dishes that are top of my list, and leave links to the places I've found the recipes.

Baked Camembert with Cranberry
This one is from JusRol, and is a super simple recipe for anyone to try. All that's needed is cranberry sauce, croissant dough and of course the camembert. It take no time at all, and I can imagine it tasting amazing for lunch one winter day.

Camembert Snowflake
Salu-Salo Recipes
This has to be one of my favourites, purely because of how Christmassy it looks. I think it would be great to place this centre of the table when you have some guests round, and everyone can tear off bits to eat! (And it has bacon bits through it which must taste amazing with the cheese)

Festive Filled Brioche Centrepiece with Baked Camembert
BBC Good Food
This one is called a centrepiece and you can clearly see why! It takes a little more prep, but the thought of garlic oozing out of each mini brioche makes my mouth water.

Baked Camembert with Bacon Wrapped Breadsticks
BBC Good Food
Another one that looks fantastic, but this time the breadsticks are crispy - giving you a great crunch as you scoop up the camembert.

Herb and Honey Baked Camembert
The Londoner
This one is all about the seasonings, and all it requires is adding thyme, rosemary and honey before baking the cheese - easy but delicious!

Brie Wrapped in Proscuitto and Brioche
BBC Good Food
Brie is a cheese I always associate with Christmas. This time, its wrapped up in a brioche bun and prosciutto, making it the best possible cheese and ham sandwich out there.

Bacon Brie Crescent Wreath
Another one for those up for a challenge - this one looks fantastic. I love that its a wreath, and you can see the Christmassy colours and goodness oozing out of it.

Savoury Baked Brie with Sun Dried Tomatoes
Cooking LSL
There's so much chocolate and sweets going around at Christmas that its often nice to have something more savoury. This recipe looks incredible, mixing pesto and tomatoes with the cheese!

And those are just some of the baked cheese recipes that I want to give a try! There's so many out there that its hard to choose. I think at this rate we're going to need at least a block of cheese for every day over the Christmas period!

What flavours would you mix with melted cheese? Let me know if you've ever tried something like this!


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