Studying A Masters

February 06, 2018

Wow. It's been a while. Two months almost, since I last sat down with blogger open and typed up a blog post. I found blogmas too hard to say on top of this year, and had to call it quits a week into the month. The small break over Christmas extended into a longer one, and I found it increasingly harder to a) call myself  blogger and b) start writing again.

I've decided to bring things back a little. This time last year, I was in such a good place with my blog - I was creating content I enjoyed, working with brands & companies I loved and actually engaging in the blogging community. I think I got too much in my head - I questioned everything I wanted to post, and found myself closing my laptop each time I tried again. So I'm bringing it back to when I was writing for the sake of sharing, this blog started as that little online scrap book, and its going to echo those days once again. 

So what better way to start then with a post about my Masters experience? I've shared almost all of my uni experiences so far, up to graduation, and its only right to share about this Masters that I'm trying to oh so gracefully work my way through. 

Since moving to Durham in October, I've been pushing myself to step out of my comfort zone and take part in everything I can. I want to get the most out of this degree and this city as I can, which means endless library receipts, long walks into town, and connecting with as many people as I can. 


While my class schedule seems pretty light, the hours spent buried in books and the words amassed over the numerous essays would have most people in tears. For the MA in Archaeology we have two compulsory classes and two research modules for the year (one each term), and I get to choose the two research modules I do. First term I studied Iron Age and Roman Heritage, which was a super interesting class. We studied the ways in which the Iron Age and Roman period have been studied and utilised in Britain, and I was introduced to new aspects of archaeology such as digital heritage. This term, I've chosen Roman Landscapes, which is looking at the ways surveys can aid our understanding of the landscapes of the Mediterranean. I'm hoping to gain a better understanding of the trade systems of Italy and life in rural Italy. 

Much of the teaching here at Durham is similar to how I was taught in Edinburgh, with classes shared with undergraduates, and a combination of lectures and seminars, so there wasn't too much of a shock. I've been trying to engage as much as possible in class, and really get my voice out there - all of my lecturers are really well respected, so I'm determined to make good impressions this year!


As I said previously, Durham works in a collegiate system, and I've joined the postgraduate college, and am a 'liver in'. I'm living with other post-grads, who are all super chatty and lovely people. I've found myself having dinner with them, then continuing to talk right up till bed time. We also attend events together, like college formals (which I've just been to this week for Burns Night, would ya look at that tasty meal they give us!? ) and college parties. The college makes a real effort to get people out of their flats and having some fun. We've got a team together for the weekly pub quiz -and have proudly come 2nd last for at least half of the weeks (winning the box of chocolates) and even had our moment last week when we won. I feel very settled with the people here, I love spending time with each of them whether in the kitchen or going out - which helps with the homesickness. 


This year I've decided to try my hand at something new, and enrolled myself in a Hieroglyphics class. Each Tuesday I've been dancing my way around images of birds and symbols while trying to understand the world of the Egyptians. I've also joined the college magazine (The Ustinovian) and taken on the role of editor. I wanted to get involved in college life, and thought the magazine was a great way to do so, as well as giving me experience in editing and writing. 

And that's it folks - I feel like I've updated you on most of the important aspects of my Masters year here in Durham. Since I'm planning on getting back in the blogging game, I've got a little note book filled with posts to come... I'll be sharing places I go here in Durham (and anything further afield), life as a student (including the formals that I go to, and other aspects of student life) as well as talking about future plans and dreams (because I've been brainstorming where I want to take my life - eep!). 

Lots of love, 

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  1. I debated doing a masters after I graduated but decided it wasn't for me. You certainly are making the most of it! More so than I ever did during my undergraduate!