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February 28, 2018

Moving from flat to flat each year at uni has left me with the task of finding homely pieces that brighten up my room. This year, I've moved back into halls for my masters at Durham, bringing with it the joys of a single bed, a stained carpet and yellow walls. So over these last few months I've been searching for pieces that help to add some fun and happiness to my room.

The other week, I was contacted by Jennifer from PhotoWall, asking if I'd like to order a print for my room, and of course I jumped at this chance. What's better than having a print on the wall to help detract from the the flimsy blue curtains? 

I was given the chance to scroll through the many designs on PhotoWall, and find either a canvas or a wall mural that suits my personality. I decided to narrow my search to Canvas Prints - as I thought this would be easier to transport once the year is over and fit into whatever accommodation I find after this year is up. While this choice was easy - finding the perfect print was not. There's so much choice! Luckily, the website is split into categories - cities, forests, skies... So once you have an idea of the style of print you like, you can then explore the different designers and scroll till you find that piece. Or, say you've got an eye for photography yourself, you can even upload your own design and have it printed onto a canvas. 

Searching through the website, I instantly fell in love with the different city prints - covering so many of my favourite cities and in so many different styles. For those of you who know me, you'll know of my love for Italy and all things Italian - after spending 3 summers digging in Italy, the Italian culture and archaeology never cease to fascinate me. So when I found this print of Rome's streets, I instantly fell in love. It brings back happy memories of a weekend away in Rome, and excites me with the possibility of spending more time getting lost in the tangle of streets.

Once I had finally selected the image of my choice, you're then given some options for how you'd like the final canvas to appear. Firstly, you choose whether you'd like it as a 3D canvas - with sides of white or black; then you choose the size of the image, with easy toggle bars to slide and see how the print looks at different sizes. It's super easy to use and helps to visualise how the final design will look! 

After a short wait for the print to be delivered, the canvas arrives in parts for you to self assemble the frame and attach the canvas. After initial worry that my limited DIY skills wouldn't be up to this, I was surprised at how simple it was to assemble. The kit comes with easy to follow instructions - after lining up the wooden frames on the canvas, its a quick peel and stick, before tightening some screws (no need for a screwdriver) to keep the canvas taught.

Now the print stands proudly by my desk, and is one of the first things I see when I enter my room. The print is great quality, and looks so professional hanging on my wall. 

Fancy a print of your own? Well here's something you'll definitely be interested in! Use the code UnderTheScottishRainCampaign2018 for 20% discount on a print of your own. What's great is that as you toggle over the different sizes of print, you'll see the price change. So, no matter what your price limit is, you'll be able to find something that looks amazing and suits you. 


* This is a sponsored post, however all opinions stated are my own*

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  1. What a beautiful canvas map! I've seen a lot of posters with map in them but this canvas thing is something new to me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the product. :)

    Nora /

  2. This looks so beautiful! I would love to have a Paris map that isn't black and white. I love the pop of color in this one. Great presentation!

  3. I love this - so retro! It's honestly the best one I've seen - I love the B&W ones too but everyone seems to have one.

  4. Very beautiful canvas. I am thinking of getting the map of Lagos when I visit later on this year. Love the pictures and the way you've written your post, very precise and succinct. Can't help but notice you are local. How is your MSc going? All the best

  5. This is absolutely stunning! I think I’m in love. I have a map poster of Helsinki from Desenio, yet this kind of canvas would look super lovely :-)

  6. I love the intricate yet minimalist aesthetic of this print. I have a credit to create a canvas w/ a similar company and was planning to use one of my wedding photos but now I want to explore a print option, too!

  7. I would love that! I think I would want a map of all kinds of places in the world to put in my office. I love travel and think that would be so wonderful! Great choice!

  8. Beautiful canvas map I'll have to look into them when I move to my next home :-)

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