Cocoa Ooze

June 15, 2014

For Christmas, my aunt and uncle gifted my sisters, my mum and I all a voucher to a chocolate making workshop at a local chocolatier, called Cocoa Ooze. What with all our busy schedules, and my living away from home, its been next to impossible for us to actually book into one of the workshops. But, only 6 months after we got the voucher, we were able to find a time that suited us all, and that was Thursday evening.

The workshop was lead by the owner of Cocoa Ooze and throughout the two hours there he told us about how difficult but worthwhile creating his own business has been. I was actually quite shocked at the amount of money and time he has ploughed into it over the years, but he has truly worked hard to get to the position he is in now. He also seems like a really genuine and friendly guy, who didn't stop talking for the whole time! 
But he made the workshop fun, with his banter and stories. 

Luckily, three ladies who were also booked in to do the workshop in our group cancelled at the last minute, leaving only the four of us and one other lady in the class. It made things less awkward as we all chatted away, and made decisions about what type and flavour of chocolate a little easier. As well as meaning there was more chocolate for us to make!

We started off by making truffles, filling some with white chocolate and others with milk, then putting them into a casing which was a mixture between the two types again, then dunking them into milk and white chocolates that we melted ourselves. While those were being prepared we, rather messily, created our own chocolate bars too- I choose to do a milk bar and two white bars (white being my favourite type of chocolate). And we could decorate them ourselves too. I'm actually impressed with how mine turned out. 

When all the chocolates were setting, we were allowed to lick the bowls clean and eat the remaining chocolate sprinkles, which - of course- was delightful.

Overall, I would highly recommend Cocoa Ooze to any one in the Aberdeen area. The whole workshop was so much fun, and the chocolates taste amazing - both the truffles and the bars have turned out great. There's just something about home made chocolates that make them so much better than shop bought ones.


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