Another Riverside Post

June 17, 2014

Back in April, I wrote a post titled "River Side Walk", after I was snapping all the different plants that I saw on one of the regular routes for a dog walk. Over the past few weeks, we've been going elsewhere for our walks, such as the beach and forests and so haven't seen the river in a while. With my parents away this weekend, dog walking responsibilities were passed onto myself and my sisters... or more like me. An unexpectedly boozy Saturday night meant that driving was out of the question- I am pretty responsible when it comes to these types of things- and so, I donned my wellies and made my way with a very excited dog to the river.

Once I went under the bridge and followed the less trodden path and was met with a surprise. The ferns had grown so tall that they were higher than me, although I admit I am pretty small, making it easy for anything to tower above me, it was still, nevertheless, unexpected. Two cyclists in front of us couldn't even ride their bikes due to the overgrowth. It gave the path a different feel, a new atmosphere. I, once again, felt like a little kid when my sister and I would go on adventures, pretending to be the Famous Five and finding our own camp sites. 

After treading carefully to avoid the nettles, trying to negotiate the untamed bushes and dodge a mad dog who loved jumping out from the ferns as if he was a toddler trying to scare me, I reached a part of the path which followed the river closely and wasn't overgrown. This area felt so open compared to the tangled mess I'd fought my way through.

I thought I'd share the photos I took from this trip, and if you're interested you can compare to the photos in the previous post, linked above. 

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