Two Father's Days?

June 20, 2014

Many of you will have celebrated the annual Father's Day on the day that was set, Sunday the 15th of Jun, with presents and special meals for your dad. In my family, however, this proved to be a bit of a problem in that, my dad was away for the most part of the day, as was my sister Eleanor. Not wanting to short straw his day, we decided to celebrate it on Wednesday, the 18th, as Eleanor was home from her Duke Of Edinburgh Award Expedition for the night, and all three of us could spoil him together.

On the Sunday, my mum and dad returned from a couple of nights away to celebrate their 30th Wedding Anniversary, and we gave our dad his card from us, as well as the present that my brother had sent up for him. Otherwise, we didn't make too much of a fuss, which really sounds rather cruel; we had a normal dinner and sat down to watch a movie like any other night.

We, of course, had already told him that we were giving him his own day later on, otherwise that would have been rather would have been mean of us. On Wednesday, Eleanor and I made a trip down to Asda to gather up the supplies, the three of us had decided to make him his favourite tea- a curry followed by his all time favourite desert, butterscotch flavoured angel delight.

When Holly returned from work, the three of us set to creating a master piece, if I say so myself, along with lots of extra Indian bits and bobs. We washed down the meal with some ciders, as it was a sunny day but still a school night, and munched on all the naan breads and popadoms. The smile on his face when we brought out the angel delight was comical. He's loved the desert for years, but never has it because its not exactly the nicest of puddings, he looked like the cat who had gotten the cream!

My dad said that he didn't want any presents, so we thought that preparing a meal would be our gift to him. But I couldn't resit adding in a couple of presents- his favourite sweets- Wine Gums- as well as a couple of scary films, which we love to watch when my mum is working.

Although my mum wasn't working on Wednesday, we decided to watch the less scary of the two- House at The End of the Street. My love for Max Theriot has been rekindled after watching him in it, I couldn't help it. Its a really good film, although a few jumpy points in which my mum screamed so loudly she woke the dog, and had to hold my hand throughout most of it.

Overall, it was a really lovely afternoon for my dad, very relaxing and enjoyable. He deserves the best, and I love him to pieces. I love going on dogs walks just the two of us and being able to talk about anything that has been on my mind; I love listening to the music that he recommends or comparing different vinyl; and I love sitting around with him and laughing at stupid things we think of. He really is the best dad around.

Us three girls with our dad back in November

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