One Direction 'Where We Are' Tour 2014

June 06, 2014

If you follow me on twitter, you may have seen the excited tweets that I sent at about midnight on Tuesday 3rd of June, in which capital lock was on as I hyperventilated over twitter. That is because myself and my sister Eleanor were at Murrayfield Stadium to see our favourite band One Direction.

Now I'm well aware that One Direction are not appreciated by all, and I have received my fair share of comments from people who think at my age I should be this obsessed, but really don't care what people think as ultimately these five boys do make me happy.

Therefore, Eleanor and I got up at 5 o'clock to get a 5.45 train to Edinburgh, arriving at 8.15, in an attempt to get a good standing spot. Despite sever exhaustion the following day, it was worth it. The queuing was awful, we had to stand in the queue from 11 onwards instead of sitting like we previously had done, which resulted in very sore legs and mine, embarrassingly, had swollen up by the end if the 12 hours of standing. People were pushing against one another the whole time, and many people were queue skipping too. 

However, the scariest part of the day was when he gates finally opened at 5 o'clock. Security tried to tell hundreds and hundreds of girls to walk slowly to he tunnel that opened onto the huge standium pitch. Of course that would never happen, and resulted in everyone running as the barriers were lifted. Eleanor and I were, of course, near the front of this chaotic charge forward and as we rounded the stadium towards the tunnel a row of security all linking arms formed a barricade trying to slow us down. But the sheer strength and volume of girls trying desperately to get front row actually pushed the security back until finally we broke through. This lead to security being knocked over and trampled on, as we all rushed into the stadium screaming at the top of our lungs. Bags were thrown to the ground, coats stripped off and added to the pile growing at the entrance, as Eleanor and I ran hand in hand to the front of our section. Unfortunately we were in the yellow section which was at the back, but that only made us all the more determined to get to the front next to the second stage. We managed to get to the second row, right next to the stage and the view was incredible! I tell you though, at points I didn't know whether to hysterically laugh at the madness or cry in fear of having an arm torn off.

When 5 Seconds of Summer came on, there was an ulmighty push forwards, and heaps of girls hand to be lifted over the barricade as tears flowed down their cheeks. But I danced through the pain, and sang along at the top of my voice, although not at all in tune, to all of their songs. They were brilliant. Both Eleanor and I saw them in February during their own tour, and they were just as good again, they have such a great stage presence and made us laugh as they made comments at the breaks in their songs. 

Finally One Direction came on. I haven't even got the words to describe how amazing the show was. This is our 5th time seeing them perform, and I think they just keep getting better and better. The staging and fireworks were all fantastic and really added to the show. One of my favourite parts was during 'Happily' when the chorus started and confetti popped. The atmosphere was great, everyone was excited and singing along and loving every minute. It felt amazing to be there, and as the finished to Best Song Ever, saying their goodbyes as a firework show started, I couldn't stop crying. I just love to see the boys, the are so talented and they have brought me so much happiness over the years that the thought of not seeing them for another year was really upsetting. I had been looking forward to that night for over a year, and the fact it's over still makes me want to cry. But I can't stop smiling as I think of how close we were to them and what an all round fantastic show it was. I know everybody says this, but I honestly made eye contact with Harry and Louis during the show; and I realise people say that all the time, but they were over y side of the stage a lot and talking to people in the crowd beside me (I was beside the girl who took a selfie of her and Harry, that Harry made fun of) so it is plausible.  We also got a lot of water poured over us by Harry, who seemed to like to throw water over our side of the audience. And we broke a record, as it was the biggest gig ever held in Scottish History, which was great to be a part of!

As we were at the front we managed to get some amazing pictures, that I thought I'd share to round of this post. If you've been at one of their concerts please comment and let me know, I'm always here to fangirl, as lame as that sounds! 

5 Seconds Of Summer performing on the main stage



Harry letting the crowd sing

During "Kiss You" without zoom on the camera


Louis, Liam and Harry as the stage lifted during One Thing and Diana

Liam thanking the audience for coming
My favourite picture that I took on the night- Louis

Thanks for reading this very fangirly post, even if it wasn't your cup of tea.
Lots of love,

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