I Got A Haircut

April 09, 2014

I have been needing a hair cut for such a long time, and its finally happened. I gave up going to the hair dressers because they always cut my hair really short, and I was trying to grow it- every time it would be cut to my shoulders and I'd go home crying.

But my sister recently found a voucher on itison.com to get a £45 haircut with a top stylist for £19! And being a bargain hunter, I instantly booked an appointment.

So I went to HeadRox, in Aberdeen, armed with an Ipad filled with photos of the hair style I wanted and finally got a chop.

I've felt for ages that the front of my hair has no shape, and I couldn't wear my hair down without pinning bits back, so I decided to base my new look on Kourtney Kardashian in March 2013. I love having long hair, so I made sure that the hairdresser only took off the bare minimum, and I'm really happy with the length of it.

Susie, the stylist was the first hairdresser that has done exactly what I wanted, so I'm really thankful that I went to her, and I'm planning to go back to keep my hair looking tidy and healthy.

Here are some pics...

The Kourtney Kardashian Look I wanted

And After

Hair and Make Up before a night out with my sister 
Thanks for reading,
Much love,

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