On The Roll

April 04, 2014

Yesterday I officially finished all of my 1st year lectures! Now with just the exams to do, in a months time, my friend and I decided to treat ourselves.
On our way between our archaeology and history lectures, we always pass a van selling bratwursts, and we always say that they smell so good. So my friend convinced me I deserved one since we had completed our essays.

Here are a couple of snaps, I'd highly recommend going to the stand if you're in Edinburgh, it was super tasty. The people that work there are all so lovely and make jokes as they cook it in front of you. They also toast the buns over the grill so they are crunchy and warm. It was the perfect thing for a cold April afternoon.

I will definitely be going back to fill these up 

My Bratwurst being prepared

Ready to eat
I had mine with onions and a home made sauce that was a little bit spicy, and topped off with mustard and ketchup. It was the perfect combination of spices and flavours, and I'm not good with spicy food but I found this to be perfect.

Lots of love,

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