National Siblings Day

April 10, 2014

 I just found out that today is National Siblings day and thought I'd do a post about my family to celebrate!

As I've mentioned before, I have an older brother, Anthony, an older sister, Holly and a younger sister, Eleanor.

From when we were little, we all got really well- my parents made sure we all spent lots of time together, and said that they didn't want Anthony and Holly to feel like they had to look after myself and Eleanor and miss out on plans of their own, so they were never told to babysit us. I think that this really helped our relationship, because they never resented us, and we were able to play together even though there is an age gap of 9 years between Anthony and Eleanor.

We were watching home videos the other day, and Anthony and Holly seemed to really enjoy having two younger sisters to play around with and teach us things. I always looked up to Anthony and Holly, they seemed a lot older than me, Anthony is 7 years older and Holly 5, so I always wanted to try and be like them. We joke about how I used to idolise Holly, when I was in primary 7, I remember thinking it was the cooliest thing ever to go into town with her, and get to do grown up stuff.
Eleanor, on the other hand, is only 18 months younger than me, and growing up we used to do everything together. Having such a small age gap meant that we were around each other the majority of the time, we even had some of the same friends. And heaps of people thought that we were actually twins, because we looked so alike.

Right now, we are all so close. It can be pretty difficult at times, because my brother now lives in Leominster, which is in England, and we all miss him a lot; the last time he was home was last July. I was able to see him a few times last weekend when he came to Edinburgh, and we went out for dinner a couple of times, and to a club, which was a lot of fun, and we're going down in the summer for two weeks, which we can't wait for. My sisters and I became really close after a holiday to Turkey where we became even closer- it seemed like the age gap had disappeared, and we were able to all joke around together.

Our closeness, however is the main reason I get pretty homesick being away in Edinburgh. But we have a group whatsapp group that we chat on literally all the time, and whenever I'm home it feels totally normal hanging out with them again. Everything isn't always peachy with us, sure we have fights and argue with each other over stupid things and have been known to throw the occasional punch at one another. But I wouldn't change it, we have the best of time together and I love all of them to bits. I love having a big family because there's always someone there to talk to- my brother is good for giving me life advice, my big sister is good for boy, friends and fashion talks, and my little sister is good for fangirling with and making me feel better. But all of them are so much fun too, and I feel so comfortable with all of them. It's exactly what I want my family to be like when I'm older and because of my love for siblings, I want to have 4 kids too.

So here' s to national siblings day, and I hope that my relationships with my siblings never change and we always remain so close.

Here's some pictures through the years to round off the post (sorry for the bad quality of a few of them),






lots of love,

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