River Side Walk

April 11, 2014

Today I went on a walk along the river bank, with my sister and my dog. This is my favourite walk to go on, I love the river and the nature surrounding it. Although its in the centre of the city, it feels like you are secluded, almost like a nature reserve. The river was so still, and the plants have all come into bloom. In a couple of weeks, we reckon the plants will be so over grown that we won't be able to walk it, so I brought my camera along with me and I thought that I'd post the snaps that I took. I love to follow the river along, there are so many different plants and trees that grow along this way, and usually we don't bump into anyone at this side of the bridge. Its so peaceful that it makes a great place to think about things and talk about what's going on.

I never realised that there were that many photos that I wanted to share! But I loved looking at everything that was surrounding us as we walked. Also, if anyone has any idea what those yellow flowers are, I'd be really interested to know- they've just appeared out of nowhere, and are only around the marshy areas, not the actual river.


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