'How To' Make A Coke Float

April 11, 2014

Since the weather seems to be improving up here in Aberdeen, we decided to make some coke floats, and I just thought I'd do a wee post showing the result. It was such a yummy treat on a sunny day and I thought I'd do a quick 'how to' post...

  •  Look out tall glasses for the float, we prefer tall Ice Cream glasses as you get more that way

  •  Look out Ice Cream to use, I think that vanilla is the best option for floats, and a fizzy juice, although coke is my favourite I've also had it with sprite and iron brew, which are tasty too

  • Fill the glasses up with ice cream, we went for 1 1/2 scoops

  •  Pour your fizzy juice in to the glass, I found that 1/4 of a can was plenty for this glass 

  • And serve! We added a spoon and a straw so that we could get every last bit of ice cream

There's a quick and easy summer day treat to try yourself, I don't think I've met anyone who doesn't like it yet, although some of my friends hadn't heard of it before, which is why I thought this could be a good 'how to'. 

Hope you also enjoy it if you give it a go! We used to always make this at my grandma's because she would always have ice cream for pudding, and a cupboard filled with fizzy juice. 

Lots of love,

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