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November 16, 2016

You know what I get bored of? Making an effort every day, when all I want is to be lazy. Yes that's right - not every day requires skirts, shirts and fancy make up, sometimes comfort is the key, and leggings are the way to go. I don't know about you, but when I'm in the library - spending hours over my dissertation or worrying about my next essay - I need to be totally comfortable and not worrying about if my skirt rides up when I cross my leg or if I've got a ladder in my tights.

And so, for today's What I Wore Wednesday, I'm showing off a more realistic outfit of mine when it comes to the deadline crunch this time of the year. Yes I said it - I'm not that girl you'll see dolled up to the nines everyday, and every so often a pair of leggings and trainers are the perfect casual outfit that I need.

This pair of leggings is ideal for this time of the year. They were picked up from Primark, and may look like your average leggings, but are actually fleece lined. Yup - you heard it here first - these are the greatest invention ever, so you'd better run down to your local Primark before the shelves are empty. Gone are the days where I'd have to peel on and off two layers of leggings. These are the warmest, fluffiest leggings ever, and don't even look like your legs and double their size.

My jumper is from New Look, and is super cute for throwing on, when the days are cold and shorter like this. I've paired it with the leggings here, but have also worn it with skirts and jeans too, depending how I'm feeling. I love how it looks like a football / rugby jumper - I'm totally not a sporty person (could you have guessed) but I feel like I am whenever I wear this. Perfect for those of you wanting to kid yourself you're sporty even if you didn't make it to the gym for the second day (okay, or week) in a row.

These trainers are my new favourite addition to my wardrobe. You'll never guess where they're from? Or maybe you will if you've seen my instagram.. I found these in my grandma's wardrobe. Sitting pretty, front and centre, they caught my eye as she showed off some of her new dresses. And when she asked if I'd want them, I couldn't say yes please fast enough. I love how in trainers are at the moment - as I said, perfect for those sporty - not sporty - types of girls. And with retro very much in, these trainers are great for popping on. They're super comfortable, the thick sole feels like you're walking on pillows, so they're great for a long day of book carrying.

I've popped this outfit on with my long beige duffel-esk coat, and my oversized New Look scarf, ideal for keeping warm in this cold weather!

Outfit Details:
Jumper - New Look
Leggings - Primark
Shoes - Grandma's Wardrobe
Coat - Marks and Spencers
Scarf - New Look

What's your favourite comfy day outfit?

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  1. You look gorgeous hun. Loving the colour of the leaves.