Four Youtubers To Watch

November 14, 2016

Youtube has become an addiction of mine. Getting ready in the morning? Pop on a youtube video. Lying in bed at night? Pop on a youtube video. And more often than not, it doesn't just stop at one video. No, I have my routines - which youtuber I like to watch first as I prepare for the day, which vlog I like to watch last before I fall asleep. This all means that I have a very long list of youtubers that I love. And it's not just me. We have certainly entered the Youtube generation, with the likes of Zoella and Jim Chapman not just appearing on our laptops, but also on the TV and covering book shelves in Waterstones. Whether you like it or not, youtube is a big deal and can not be ignored.

I've personally been in love with youtube for the last.. 4(?!) years. Crazy isn't it! Back in the day when reaching 1 million subscribers was unheard of, and now the views just keep clocking up and up for these stars. And in that time, I've found a real love for some of my regular youtubers. Of course many of these you'll have already heard of, but I wanted to share some of my favourites in case you're looking for a new video to watch. I plan to do this in a couple of different posts - so here's the first four that deserve mention!

Lucy and Lydia

These twins are the ultimate goals. I fell in love with them the first time I watched and now can't miss a video to see their giggling antics on camera. Their love for all things Disney and the fact that they are like real life princesses themselves (did you see them in Linda Blacker's Spring and Summer shoot?!) make for the cutest videos ever. Besides the fact that you'll be left envying every aspect of their lives and their instagrams, you'll find yourselves relating to them so much. They come across as the most genuine people ever, and honestly I feel like they would be my best friends. They're just like me and my sisters - inseparable and with millions of inside jokes. From beauty favourites, to recreating celeb make up looks to vlogs and hauls, there's so many videos that you'll find yourself lost in. only to feel a huge smile appear on your face as another silly joke is told. No matter which video you click on, you'll find yourself giggling away with them and loving each moment. For the feel good factor, you've got to check these girls out!

Marie - BitsandClips

No matter what I say here, it can not do justice to Marie, she's one of those rare people who are truly beautiful inside and out - and that goes for her whole family. Marie makes me feel safe and comfortable, I know whenever I click on her videos that I am going to laugh with her, cry with her, or burst with pride with her. Marie is a brave soul who shares almost ever aspect of her lives with her loyal viewers, and with this honesty comes a realness about her. She's someone that you know you could confide in and who's opinion you can respect. She has created the sweetest family ever - I think Scarlet and Luca are the most polite, well behaved and adorable kids ever, and I can only hope that my future kids will have the same gentle nature to them. And because of this she has created an amazing online community to be a part of - literally positivity wherever you go - and lets us join in on her endeavours (The Cuppa Craft Facebook group inspires me everyday with new craft ideas to 'get around to'). This family - Marie, Ryan, Scarlet and Luca (and the new one on the way) - deserves so much. By only watching their trip of a lifetime to Florida vlogs (which had me green with envy) you can see how grateful they are for everything. Marie will make you feel great inside, her little sit down talks, midnight ramblings and weekly bits will get you smiling away and make you feel happy inside.


I only recently discovered Jessi, and my life has been all the more funnier for it. Jessi was originally a viner - I have to admit that I never really got on board with the whole vine thing oops - and made the plunge to youtube 2 years ago. Her 'storytimes' are what really got me hooked, this girl seems to have the craziest life, and lots and lots of stories to share. I find myself gasping in disbelief, laughing along side her and shouting 'why did you do that?'  at the screen. It's hugely addictive hearing about her life and all the escapades she has - and my heart does go out to her when another dating mishap occurs or another embarrassing thing happens in public. She's got a great sense of humour about her, and it makes you want to laugh alongside her. Jessi keeps it real, you know not to mess with her but you also want to be her best friend - if only to hear about the story as it happens and try and lend a hand. Its great to hear her opinion on everything (including some really important topics like sexual assault) and if you're anything like me you'll find yourself subscribed in no time at all.

Carrie Hope Fletcher - ItsWayPastMyBedtime

Carrie, I just love. There's nothing else to it, Carrie is a rarity in the Youtube world where you can see that the fame has not gone to her head and she's really using her platform with such a wide audience for good. Her videos have everything in them, from singing (which I love to listen to as I tidy up my room) to vlogs (which just make me envy her awesome life & friendship group) to advice and thoughts (which you can always take something away from). Carrie has a beautiful voice, so its no surprise that she's such a star on the West End and it is my dream to see her perform one day. She's got a great attitude towards life, confidence and positivity. Many of her sit down videos empower you and encourage you to be the best you possible, and also make you look at yourself and the message that you give out to the world. She's one of the best role models that a teenage girl can have. She's got the right amount of silliness, disney magic and guitar playing goodness to make you instantly connect with her and her videos.

If you haven't already seen these youtubers, then I can't urge you to check them out enough - each of them will make you smile and bring some happiness to your day.

Did you catch my post where I announced I had started my own youtube channel? It certainly isn't as easy as these lot make it look - I've only uploaded two vlogs and its a scary, and awkward thing to do... But I can now appreciate how hard youtubers really work!

Let me know what youtubers you like to watch down in the comments!

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  1. I need to check out Lucy and Lydias youtube, sounds exactly like the type of things I would like to watch :) Sophie x

    1. Lucy and Lydia are just the cutest, I'd 100% recommend giving them a watch - hope you enjoy!