Foodie Friday | Top Coffee Shops In Old Town Edinburgh

November 11, 2016

A coffee shop is the perfect haven for when life becomes a little too stressful, and a new environment is what is needed. A break from the library is every students wish, and the cafes surrounding new town are quick to grant it. Offering mouth watering treats and drinks, it's easy to give into the lull of coffee shops. It's easy to call these places home, when you get to know the staff, have a favourite seat and when they're actually warmer than your own flat.

Whether on a busy day and in desperate need of a break, or on a slower relaxing weekend, when a brunch helps to wake you up, these cafes are perfect. So I've compiled a little list of a few of my favourites for you to hit up too, whether its to escape the cold, have a good chin wag or as wee pick me up.

Peters Yard

Peter's Yard has been a favourite of mine, long time. It's filled with goodies that will set your heart a flutter. My favourite of these treats are the Blueberry and Vanilla buns. On the menu are Swedish bakes, with tasty sandwiches, soups and even pizza in their sister shop Soderburg. Alongside these tasty brunches, lunches and snacks, is a menu filled with teas, coffees and even a couple hot chocolates. It's perfect to sit in when the weather is cold, or sit out at their tables that fill the Quartermile, braving the weather with a blanket around your legs. 

Black Medicine Coffee Co.

This is a perfect spot to go to near uni. Its filled with wooden furniture, giving it a very rustic feel. It's one of my favourite places to go for lunch - a counter full of tasty paninis with many different fillings, its easy to get your fill. Or you can get down to basics with a bowl of porridge, or filled croissants. You'll have to hit it up at the right time, as this is a popular place for students and general public alike. It's perfectly hipster for all you non-hipsters. 


Kili is a great place to hit up when you're trying to avoid the distractions of the outside world and focus on who you're with, or the work you've brought with you. With no wifi, its the easiest way to leave the world of facebook & twitter behind, at least for a couple of hours. It offers delicious teas, coffees, sandwiches and brunches. Simple dishes like scrambled eggs on toast, are the perfect start to the day along with a fruit smoothie or a filled ciabatta with a chai tea latte is ideal for a midday break.

Love Crumbs

This is a new find of mine, but is the cutest cafe to enjoy a break, a little further away from central university campus. Located in the the grass market, this cafe is the perfect mix of quirky crockery and shabby chic. I posted about this in my previous Foodie Friday, but it needs to be mentioned again because its just so darn cute. With homemade cakes filling shelves by the counter, and amazing blends of teas, coffees and hot chocolates, its a winner in my books.

Mademoiselle Macaron

If you're looking for somewhere very cute and very tasty, then Madeoiselle Macaron is the place to go. If the name doesn't give it away - it's filled with macarons. With so many different flavours and colours, your heart will burst when you see the counter full. They have adorable window displays and wall decorations, your eyes won't stop from jumping from one thing to another. It's the perfect little quiet spot to eat macarons till your heart is content.

The Elephant House

This is one for any Harry Potter fan, as J K Rowling wrote some of Harry Potter here! It's a cute cafe sitting on George IV, where you can spot lots of people following in Rowling's foot steps and creating their own masterpieces. There's plenty of choices of what to eat, both snacks or main meals are on offer, and some breakfasts for those who want to start the day off right. Although it does become busy, with many tourists coming to see the famous writing spot, its a great spot to go to feel inspired.

Where's your favourite cafe to pop along to?


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