What I Wore Wednesday | Bobble Hats

November 09, 2016

You know what a trip home signifies? That's right, convincing my sister to take some photos in our garden while my dog runs riot at my feet. Yup - I can't tell you how many of these shots my dog photo bombed with his tail at the edge of the frame or throwing a ball to my feet in the hopes I'd play. The amount of times I dodged out the way before a muddy paw print landed on my bum. Wouldn't exactly be the best look for a suede skirt now would it... You wouldn't believe that he'd just been on an hour long walk and was "tired". But being outside means play time for him, but for me? It's all about posing up a storm in the hopes of getting photos for my What I Wore Wednesdays...

Did I mention how much I love polo necks? They are taking over my wardrobe and spilling out of my drawers. They're perfect for this colder weather, and are stylish enough that it looks like I've put in somewhat of an effort.

My latest 'What I Wore Wednesday' features a simple off white polo neck that is perfect to match with anything... I mean anything. I've worn it countless times with many different skirts, trousers, and even under a pinafore. It's white, but not white - you get what I mean? It's more like a very light grey.

I've paired it with a skirt that I got the other month - a camouflage coloured suede skirt. It's perfect for this time of year, the colour matches the falling leaves, and the duller tone perfectly represents the weather. The suede material is super comfortable, and so soft under my fingers. Just one thing - I have to be super careful not to spill on it - not so easy for greasy fingers like mine.

Since its November (have you seen how excited I am about this!) the weather has taken a turn. Cosiness is key, with a brisk wind now making my cheeks extra red (and a little sore), a hat is ideal for keeping ears and heads nice and warm. Albeit, making it a little harder to hear whats going on. I love this bobble hat that I picked up. They were super in fashion last year, and I was quick to pick one this year before they sold out. I chose a dark, hunter green - yes I referenced the proposal with that colour choice. The colour is so great for matching with all my big coats that are resurfacing from my wardrobe this time of year. The cute little fur bobble is super sweet and adds a little bit of fun, wobbling around at the top of my head.

What do you think of this outfit? I love it, perfect for adding layers to, making it extra extra cosy. I plan to start adding some jumpers along with the skirt too, especially now since snow is on the forecast. And the top, as I've already mentioned will be paired with so many different skirts. Even the one that I featured in another of my OOTDs! 

And guess what - it's all from Primark!

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  1. Love this outfit, particularly the skirt x

    1. Thanks! The skirt is one of my favourite purchases, I keep wearing it so often!