October in Photos

November 08, 2016

It's been a while since I've written a post with all my monthly photos - in fact I think my last one was for May, before all my summer travelling started. A lot has happened since then - did you catch my post about what I got up to in Italy? -  and here I am, more than a quarter of the way through my fourth and final year of uni. October has been quite a busy month - with lots of deadlines, but also some fun here and there to keep me going.

If you don't remember way back when I last posted my round up of the month, then I'll give you a wee reminder - I take all of my instagram photos and pop them all here with a little bit of a story about what I was doing in that photo.

  1. I spent the 1st of October at Portobello beach. I totally expected it to be cold and very autumnal since its the 1st of October - right? But the sun was shining and I had to strip down some of my layers. While on the stroll - and between a chipper stop - I took this snap of of some of the colourful houses on the prom.
  2. I posted this picture from Tenerife - as part of a Holiday Look-Book that I created. Check out all of my looks here!
  3. I took a wee trip back up to Aberdeen, to celebrate my mum's birthday. Of course this meant lots of time with my dog Alfie. And this photo was from when he fell asleep on the rug, after a long walk, and because I love his little paws I snapped up this photo. 
  4. Because it was my mum's birthday, we ordered in a chinese take away. It's one of my favourite things to do - and we do it family style, picking and mixing all of the different dishes. You can check out my vlog of the weekend here!
  5. Most of the weekend was spent in the music room... Makes us sound all posh having a music room right? But music is my dad's favourite thing, so his endless collection of records which he has been collecting all his life is squeezed into this room. We spend many days chilling out in here, listening to his records and its so relaxing.
  6. I gave a visit to Coro - The Chocolate Cafe. It's an incredible place filled with lots and lots of chocolate goodness. I ordered this amazing oreo waffle - read more about this place here!
  7. One of the biggest trends right now is the choker necklace, and I have fallen for it too. And because I haven't found a black choker that I quite like yet, I took the advice of a facebook post and tied a shoe lace around my neck. What can I say... I quite liked it!
  8. Gemporia is a great website, with gorgeous jewellery made from precious gems - and guess what? Its all ethical! I wrote a post with some of my favourite pieces from them, and was kindly gifted this beautiful Ruby bracelet in return. How nice is it!?
  9. You may have seen in my post with The Autumn Tag, I am really loving Chai Tea Lattes at this time of the year. And after a hard work out at the gym - where I actually tried out all the scary weight machines - I was in desperate need of a treat and that came in the form of a nice big Chai Latte.
  10. While I played tour guide for a little bit, when my friend was over visiting, I went up to the roof top terrace of the National Museum Scotland, where we got some incredible views of the city as the sun began to set. 
  11. We then had an evening in at my flat, where we waited hours for a pizza delivery not to come, but drank and reminisced about all the fun we had while on the dig. 
  12. I went to see Rebecca Ferguson last month - she was incredible, a beautiful soul with a beautiful voice. I've got a vlog coming up on my youtube channel with lots of clips on it too!
  13. This outfit is something I've been wearing A LOT this month, so it was a feature of a 'What I Wore Wednesday' - check it out here!
  14. After Halloween celebrations at the weekend, I went out for a delicious brunch to celebrate the birthday of a friend. It was a lovely treat, and a perfect way to avoid studying!
What a busy month, and November has started off pretty busy too...What did you get up to this month?

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