November Round Up

November 29, 2016

November has been a busy month - full of ups and downs. Ever sat there feeling stressed out beyond belief? Well that was me for a lot of this month. Suddenly the weight of my future came crashing down on me - being faced a graduation date means that my undergraduate is coming to an end, and there is a big question mark that hangs over every date after the 5th of July. Time to put my big girl pants on and start making some decisions!

Other than having lots of mini meltdowns this month, I've also been pretty successful in getting some jobs done and treated myself along the way too. You'll have noticed my blog changed it's layout at the end of last month, and with that came a whole new posting schedule. And aside from this week, I've been on the ball posting three times a week - did you catch them all?

Lifestyle Mondays:

What I Wore Wednesdays:

Foodie Fridays:

My instagram has also seen a lot of action - I hit 1000 followers this month, which was so exciting! If you haven't already followed me over there then click here! I've been making a real effort to post everyday, or at least most days, so I've been looking for lots of snaps to take and pictures to share while I'm out and about.

Two great things happened this month in my little world: 
1) The Christmas Market came to town. I absolutely love Christmas, and the coming of the Christmas market signifies the start of the season to me. I've been able to sing Christmas tunes while walking through the sparkling lights and stalls of the market, as well as standing under the street of light to listen to some carols. It's such a jolly time of the year, and nothing makes me happier than Christmas cheer. 

2) I celebrated turning 21! It's official - I'm an adult almost everywhere now, and I can't escape it. I acted like the Queen and celebrated over many different days. I enjoyed a lovely meal in Edinburgh with my friends then I went home for the weekend to have some quality fam time. It was a team effort (led by my mum and brother) to make a huge Italian dinner - inspired by my summers spent in Italy. It was a lovely weekend, filled with lots of family time. Then on my actual birthday (Monday) I was treated to a morning at The House Spa. I was pampered till I almost fell asleep then enjoyed some quality time with my mum in the sauna, hot tub and steam rooms. For the rest of the day I did things I love the best- including hot chocolate, Christmas films and spending time with my mum, dad and dog. What more could a girl ask for eh? 

While doing all this, and keeping up with uni work and commitments, I was still able to stay on top of reading blogs. So as part of my November Round Up I thought I'd share a couple of the posts that I enjoyed reading this month. 

So what can you expect from December? I finish university the end of this week, meaning I have more time to blog blog blog. That's right, I'll be taking part in blogmas again this year and (hopefully) posting everyday of December. So make sure you're following me on bloglovin to keep up to date with my daily posts! I'll be keeping Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays the same as I have been posting this month, and will throw Christmas themed fun & other goodies too. 

I'm also planning on taking part in some sort of Vlogmas. I think I'll make it a week day & weekend thing instead of daily vlogging - but there will be plenty Christmas fun up on my youtube for you to dig in to! Speaking of which, did you catch my other vlogs this month? I posted my vlog of Rebecca Ferguson's concert as well as a weekend at home, and they're up for you to see!

Hope you've enjoyed November, and I hope your December is filled with Christmas cheer!


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