November Lifestyle Favourites

December 01, 2016

Hello December - time to truly get into the festive spirit ( as if I haven't already ) and eat lots of festive goodies. I love December and I'm so happy that it's here, but before I can focus on the Christmas lead up, I need to post about my November favourites first.

This month has been a little bit of a hard one to pick my favourites, and before I knew, its the end of the month and I have very few things to post about. Its one of those things where I just fell in my routine of dealing with essays, stress and didn't really try anything new. So I had to spend a while having a good ol think about this one, and decided that although I haven't tried a huge amount of new things, there's some things I've used for a while and couldn't survive without.

Treseme Heat Protection Spray

My hair is going through an awkward phase, where its gotten a bit too long and really should have a cut. But I'm persevering through this, by spending some extra time in front of the mirror with my hair straighteners. It's the age old problem - extra styling means extra damage. So I've started applying some heat protection spray and have found this has made the world of difference. Gone are the the days of frizzy, heat damaged ends, and I don't have to worry about my shorter strands at the front of my head becoming a singed mess while I brutally try to curl and flick in that oh-so-natural way. This spray is a saviour.

Burt's Bees Hand Cream

This time of year my hands get dry - it's not glamorous is it, having dry hands? So I've been trying to combat this in any way possible. I've been a big lover of Burt's Bees in the past - I use the lip balm almost everyday (and posted it about them back in my March favourites here). The hand cream is ideal for moisturising, leaving your hands nice and soft and feeling hydrated. I've added this into my morning and night routine, making sure my hands are ready to fight the cold temperatures.

Gossip Girl

Oh my goodness, I am late to the club. I finally got Netflix the other month and I have been binge watching everything I've missed out on before - dissertation, what's that? My favourite show that I've come across has been Gossip Girl, and I am obsessed. I just finished the last episode and found out who Gossip Girl is, and now I don't know what to do with my time. Is it too soon to rewatch it all again??

Naked Palette 2

I've had my small Naked palette for ages, and used to only for 'special occasions'. But I've decided I don't go out enough to save this palette, and now I've started trying to use it for everyday make up - since I have been trying to make a bit of effort for going into uni. And so, I've been wearing the a mix of the browns on my lids for a natural look, then if I am going out then I add a bit of glitter, or sparkle from any of my other palettes.

Gemma Correll Mug

How many times should I mention that I love hot chocolate? It's no secret that I love my hot chocolates, and consider it a staple of my diet. I was given this mug from a few of my friends for my birthday. I've only used it for a week and I already love it. It's a stoneware mug, which gives it the smoothest feel ever. And check out the cute pattern over it - I chuckle every time!

Little Mix - Glory Days

I love little Mix -  I've got tickets to next year's tour (despite not knowing where in the world I'll be) and I went to their tour last year (did you catch that post?). This month they dropped their new album and its incredible. If you haven't at least heard Shout Out To My Ex then where have you been? The album is full of girl power, making you feel awesome as you sing along. My favourites include Down and Dirty, Power and Oops. Give it a listen and see what all the hype is about!

Those have been just a few of my favourite things this month - what have you been loving in November?

Did you see my latest post? I shared everything that went on in my November, including blog posts I wrote as well as ones I read & loved. Have a read here!

Happy December 1st!


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