Foodie Friday | Birthday Meal at Vietnam House

November 25, 2016

This week marks my last week of being able to deny the fact that I am truly an adult. That's right, as of Monday - I'll be 21, but will still be avoiding any responsibilities that come with that age and the fact that this year of my life will be full of change. To celebrate my entry into adulthood (or to drown the sorrows) I went out in Edinburgh with a few of my friends to eat and drink the night away. Except from the fact it was a Tuesday night and being a group of mostly 'responsible' fourth years, we couldn't forget the the library would be waiting for us in the morning and the deadlines still loomed. So instead, it was a night of enjoying good food, in good company.

I chose this restaurant called 'Vietnam House' located in Edinburgh's West End, a short walk off of Lothian Road. After a quick google and zomato search, I knew this was the restaurant for me - I've only had vietnamese food once before (when I was in London and made this food diary), but I instantly fell in love with the food. Chinese is a family favourite, however Vietnamese is full of stronger flavours, making it that bit richer.

Vietnam House is a tiny little spot, with a couple of rooms of tables and a kitchen at the back, and was filled quickly when I descended with my group of friends on the friendly staff. One room has a thatched roof, while our ceiling had colourful lanterns casting an array of colours overhead.

The menu, although small, has enough options to cater for vegetarians as well, and gave everyone a difficult decision of which dish to choose. I opted for a house special noodle dish - my all time favourite when it comes to this style of cuisine. But to change things up a little, I chose the seafood option, and I'm so glad I did. Prawns and squid were mixed through the noodles and veg, making a very filling and very satisfying dish. Everyone's dishes looked amazing - from rice, to spring rolls and wraps - the whole restaurant was filled with amazing smells and very happy students.

The restaurant is great value for money - the portions were good sizes, filling everyone up. What makes this a great restaurant for students or those on a budget is that its BYOB - bring your own. So you can bring along a bottle of wine or some beer and be set for a very merry night.

I really enjoyed my night here, and can't thank my friends enough for celebrating with me, and starting off my week long celebrations (its not as bad as it sounds). And this was a perfect place to relax in a chilled atmosphere, with some great food.

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  1. Looks delicious! Value for money is exactly what I need as a student. Iga x