Review | Randomise

April 25, 2016

Now my family are huge lovers of board games. Come summer it's time to crack out the card games, and come winter we're stuck into Pictionary and our new favourite Articulate. There's always time for a few rounds of a game, leaving the whole family laughing - and only the occasional argument over the real winner. 

When I heard about Randomise, I knew this was a game for me. Think of a combination between charades, pictionary and articulate, and throw in some weird combinations of animals and activities and you have yourself Randomise. Sounds intriguing right?

The aim of the game is simple - pick out a card from each pile and you'll be given numbers that will choose your combination. These cards will give you adjectives, a character and an activity. Now its your turn to act, describe or draw your way to victory. Sounds like a piece of cake? Because there are no usual 'catch phrases' given, it's extremely hard to actually guess each part of the card. Ever heard of a wooden platypus having a sword fight? or how about a messy ghost doing origami? The combinations are endless, leaving you with hours of fun ahead of you. 

Once you see the creations in front of you if you've opted for drawing, you will want them framed. There's literally no way of knowing what will happen when you're under the time limit pressure. 

This game is a great addition to any party - I can only imagine (and hope to see) the effects that some alcohol will do when trying to communicate these strange sentences. It also comes in a little cardboard box, making it extremely light weight and perfect to pop into a handbag. It actually reminded me of the many games my mum would pack for us on a long car journey or trip. It seems like the perfect game to add to any situation - just wait to see me take this out at the beach on holiday (beware Eleanor) or when we're relaxing on a summer evening. 

This game is great for any age group, as long as everyone goes in ready for a good time. The worse you are at drawing and acting the better, in my books!

It's a bargain for only £9.99 - click here to get Randomise on Amazon and I can't recommend it enough for those looking for something different to bring to a party, 'quiet drinks' or a relaxing day at the house.


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