A Day in Glasgow | Little Mix Get Weird Concert

April 10, 2016

After years of singing Little Mix songs at the top of my lungs, and trying (and failing) to copy their dance moves to each song, it was finally my time to see these beauties perform in the flesh. Eleanor hit the nail on the head by getting me tickets to the Get Weird tour in Glasgow for my birthday and because it was such an awesome day, it deserves a place on my blog.

We started off our day in Glasgow with a trip to Bill's for a brunch. If you didn't see my London food post, then you may have missed the amazing brunch that I had there in the Putney branch. Since this was a day of treating ourselves, we went for the most unhealthy but utterly delicious blueberry pancakes, and for an added bonus we opted for the extra bacon on top. The pancakes were mouthwateringly amazing - totally moreish - but very filling. And it was with regret that I had to leave half of a pancake at the end. We felt like kids let lose at a party, and ended up ordering a large chocolate milkshake add even more sugar to the mix. Each sip was chocolate heaven, and the chunks of oreo throughout made it all the more delicious. Bill's is fast becoming one of my favourite spots for brunch, and I'll be searching out each branch for the next time I visit a new city. The decor is super cute, with chillies hanging from the ceiling, and the cutlery stored in big tins on each table. It's got such an artesian feel to it, even though its part of a branch.

Our next stop was the matinee performance at the SSE Hydro. Our fears came true when we saw that we were surrounded by not a single person our age, but nonetheless we held our heads up high. Our seats were in tier 3, which we worried would be rubbish & we wouldn't see anything. I'm so impressed with the way the hydro is built, as the seats looked right down onto the stage and certainly didn't feel as high or as far away as they looked. The concert was incredible. So good in fact we had to see it twice. The matinee show was incredible, and as soon as the girls fell from the roof onto the stage (don't worry, it was choreographed that way) we were screaming. Unfortunately the area we were sat in didn't want to dance along, so we weren't able to dance until half way through the show. When Little Mix shouted for everyone to get on their feets, boy did we jump up fast. Luckily when we went to get last minute tickets from the Box Office for the evening show, we were able to get floor seats. However, the section we were in still didn't dance. Who goes to a concert and doesn't dance?! But as fate would have it, we were moved to the front - yes second row to the left side of the stage! How did we get so lucky? Here, we were able to dance, jump, scream and shout along to every single song. 

Both shows blew my mind. Their voices sounded exactly as they do on their albums, and every high note sent shivers down my spine - each of them have an immense vocal range that was pitch perfect. To top it off, each song had incredible dance routines and the girls were so in sync with their professional dancers. Coming out of the show, you either want to be best friends with them or you want to be them. The came across as the loveliest bunch of girls, and were the perfect entertainers. 
Even if Little Mix aren't the type of music you normally listen to (but how can they not be when you've heard all the songs on their album, really?) you've got to get yourself to a show to purely see the amount of effort they put into their performances, and the amount of work that has gone into the show. 
While A.D.I.D.A.S has got to be one of my favourite songs off the album, I found myself totally in love with the performance of Lightning, where their dance routine was on point. The End, was absolutely incredible and you could hear the whole arena quieten to listen to the incredible acapella vocals. It was aca-awesome (sorry I had to).

In between shows we were in need for a quick dinner, and didn't want to go to far back into town. We walked a bit in the opposite direction, and found ourselves outside the Kelvingrove Gallery, where we spotted a cute little restaurant - Pelican. It was quiet when we entered, but seemed to get busier as it got closer to 7. We both ordered separate burgers and halved them so we got a taste of two flavours. I ordered the lamb and chorizo burger, while Eleanor went for the chicken one. Both were accompanied by salads and a pot of amazing potato wedges. They were both delicious burgers - although I loved my lamb and chorizo one a little more, purely because it was a combo I hadn't had before, but worked perfectly together. And we washed down the meals with a good ol' gin and tonic.

As I'm sure you can imagine, this day was perfect. I'm a wee fangirl at heart, so getting to see a band that I love to sing along to in the shower was a dream come true. The Hydro is fast becoming my favourite venue, where even the highest seats still let you feel intimate with the performers. Seeing Little Mix twice in one day was a little intense, but let us really appreciate how much effort they put into each and every performance. And the pictures didn't come out too bad either!


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