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May 02, 2016

Well this month has been a busy one, with not much to show for it. Exam stress is high at the moment, anyone else feel like no matter how much they work they do it's never enough?  The library has become my home, and I've laid my claim on a specific seat. With only two more weeks of exams, the end is in sight. Should be doable right? If the blog front is a little quiet in the meantime, you can only expect that I've been suffocated in a pile a books and succumbed to my fate.

Despite this, I did have some good moments in the month of April. I officially finished all the teaching and essay deadlines of third year. This in itself scares me, as I am so not ready to enter my last year of my undergrad, but the thought of a summer abroad (hello 9 weeks of sun) and a bit of a break from deadlines has me beyond excited. I also spent a few days childminding, which was a lovely break away from the mundane routine of university, and let me have some fun, letting out my inner child.

So onto the main title of this post, here is my April in pictures from my instagram!

1. I celebrate the last day of the term with a trip to my all time favourite Peters Yard. I've posted many mouth watering photos and even a blog post (Check out here) before, but this crayfish sandwich was the ultimate treat. And too picture perfect.
2. I acted as "archaeology ambassador" for a couple of school open days, and as a reward for my work - guiding tours up and down our 6 floors- I was given Blackwells vouchers. Do I go for academic books, or treat myself? What a hard choice. Book reviews will be following, as I work my way through my wee pile, but I've really enjoyed reading something that isn't an academic jour al for a change.
3. I was working my way through essay deadlines when Easter Sunday came and went, so my family were super cute and saved the Easter eggs for when I came home the following week. We're a little to old for the usual hunt, but we were still spoilt with lots of treats.
4. I wrote up my first ever favourites post last month - which you can check out here - and loved reviewing my month. Expect to see another one in the next few days, recapping all my April favourites too!
5. When I'm at home I spend a lot of time with my doggy Alfie, and this little candid shot with him was too adorable not to share. He's super affectionate, and although the slobbery kisses are gross, I do love him for it.
6. As I said, I was childminding at the start of the month. We had a lot of fun, doing different activities - and if you're interested at all Lewis vlogged the whole holidays, and I feature here and there in a couple! Check them out here. A big highlight was a trip to Aberdeen's theme park Codona's. The day was heaps of fun, and I was dizzy and light headed from the amount of times we went on the waltzers and the drop ride, but loved every minute.
7. This month I've changed my hair around a lot. And it all began with dying it peroxide blonde. It was a big change, but I found that I really liked it, despite thinking I looked like a barbie doll when I caught myself in the mirror.

8. I was home over the easter holiday, which was a lot colder than I thought it would be for this time of year (anyone else confused by the snow?). Despite the dull days, I still loved taking walks along the river.
9. Another selfie to show off my blonde hair!
10. I did a throwback to this amazing chocolate milkshake that I had at Bills, you can see the blog post here.

 11. I had another concert this month, this time I was at the Hydro to see 5 Seconds of Summer. I have loved these boys for years now, and loved every minute of shouting the lyrics, chanting at the boys and singing along to 500 miles.
12. As I said, I did a lot with my hair this month. And the final change - which I'm sitting here with - was dying it back to purple. I loved it when I dyed it in October, so wanted to give it another shot, and have been rocking it since.
13. I finally got round to (read as procrastination method) hanging up all my travel snaps that came in the Cheerz 'boite'. Here's my review from months back showing all the boxes that Cheerz were kind enough to send me, if you fancy a nosey!
14.  I was treated to a lunch at Revolution Bar this week, where I stuffed my face in their new menu. This brownie was a delightful end to the meal. Keep an eye out for my review later this week.

15. And finally it wouldn't be my instagram without at least one photo of my cute little pup Alfie. And here he is this month, playing peak a boo in the daffodils, and looking as gorgeous as always.

So that's my round up of the month. lots of photos despite the many many library days. Let me know how your April was, filled with exam prep or did you get to enjoy an easter break?

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