February in Pictures

February 29, 2016

It's March, which means we're into Spring! I'm so excited by this fact - Spring is such a lovely month, and I've begun to appreciate it so much more now that I'm at uni. Although March is bringing with it lots of deadlines and stress, the warmer weather and sunshine makes everything seem better. But now that its the end of February its time for a wee round up of February, with all my instagram pictures. 

So starting from the bottom, at number one!
  1. I uploaded a post about my Oliver Bonas Carya Stick Howlite Bangle at the start of February, which you can check out if you haven't already. I got this bracelet for Christmas and have worn it almost every day since. 
  2. I went home for a weekend which involved many a dog walk at the beach. Still recovering from the storm, there were lots of tree stumps washed up such as this one. 
  3. On that same dog walk, the wind was incredible and we could hardly move when we faced into it. So naturally, we posed to take a photo. 
  4. I did a wee throwback post from almost three years ago when my doggy Alfie was just a little pup and he used to lie on me using my bum as a head rest. 
  5. Another throwback of my pup Alfie from the first day he came home. It was just one of those days when I couldn't stop thinking about that mischievous chap.
  6. I celebrated my blog turning 2 years old with a post explaining what I've learnt from my last two years of blogging. I am still blown away by the support I've received over the years and love every opportunity that its brought with it. So thank you to everyone who reads, follows or comments - you guys rock. 
  7. I went to a cabaret night at Edinburgh's Jazz Bar, which involved lots music and dancing and was a pretty fab night. Of course we had to take some snaps and I love this one of me and my two friends as we enjoyed the night. 
  8. I had a week off uni, so naturally spent some of it at home. While there I went on many a dog walk (as you could have guessed). This picture of Alfie in the snow is from valentines day, as he was my valentines for this year. 
  9. The first snow fall of the year meant that I was taking lots of photos. I loved this one from the Old Deeside Railway Line where the winter berries are still out. 
  10. The river is one of my favourite places to be when I'm home. This trip home was a very chilly one, with lots of snow fall (which was a real treat since we didn't get at Christmas) and everything looked so peaceful, but icy.
  11. The second half of my week was spent in London, visiting my brother and sister. We spent most of the days and evenings having a drink - some more sophisticated than others. This little artsy shot that I took was from a pub at Parsons Green, which felt like a scene right out of Made In Chelsea!
  12. We also made an effort to go to see a theatre show, and settle on The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time. It was an incredible show, with all the actors giving such great performances. I'm in the process of getting a blog review up of it for anyone who is considering seeing it.
  13. This London snap was from the start of the London adventure. My sister and I were too excited to begin all the activities that we had planned, which I think you can see by our expressions. 
  14. I am a huuuge food lover, there is no denying it, and I was in my element in London with all the amazing food options to try. I'm composing a food diary as we speak, but this snap was from Bill's in Putney where we had an amazing brunch. 
  15. One of the main things I wanted to do in London was make a return visit to the British Museum. I knew what to expect after visiting in December, but had specific rooms that I wanted to target, especially the Lindow Man which was as awesome as I thought he would be. 
  16. And finally, while I was in London my sister and I stayed true to our bet and got some piercings. I have been longing for a nose piercing for years (my girl crush on Perrie Edwards has fuelled this desire majorly) and with the help of Holly and Becca I took the plunge. I feel pretty rockstar with the piercing now, and have decided that I'll be chopping my hair off as soon as my fringe grows out a bit more. 
Wowzer - it looks like a lot has happened in February. What a fab month it has been! And we're officially into the new year now that two months are down. 

What will March hold? Well its the last month of teaching at uni, and I now have a crazy amount of deadlines to try and contend with. But saying that, I still intend on having some fun (at least I hope), and have tickets to a Little Mix concert at the end of the month to look forward to. 

Blogwise, I've got lots of posts ready, so Under The Scottish Rain will not be abandoned with the increase in my work like I have done previously. Be sure to follow me over on bloglovin to make sure you catch everything that's coming. I plan on lots of London posts about my trip as well as some more local Edinburgh ones, and some lifestyle and recommendation ones here and there too. 

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