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February 27, 2016

Today I thought I'd compile a little list of my current favourite TV shows. As a student who loves to procrastinate by watching catch up tv shows all day long, I feel this is a good post to share and potentially make you aware of some programmes that are just too good to miss.

Pretty Little Liars

I know that I am fairly (and by fairly I mean a few years) late to the bandwagon, but I have discovered a huge love for Pretty Little Liars. When I watched the very first episode I must admit, I got the feeling it was going to be like a badly written story on wattpad - everything seemed to happen so fast and a little unrealistically. However, because there is such a huge hype around the show I wanted to continue and I am so glad that I have. After about a month of watching it, I am now half way through season five - so almost caught up - and I am obsessed. Almost every episode I come up with new theories of who A is (and I've learnt that whoever the girls suspect will end up not being A) and I'm constantly questioning every character and their motives. It's so addictive, so beware! 

Prison Break

I talked about my love for Prison Break last year on my blog, but it was just a couple of months ago that I was able to actually finish the whole 4 series and I feel its a great show to advertise considering a new series is in the works. Prison Break is so intense, and every episode leaves you on a cliff hanger - making it very easy to binge watch entire series in a matter of days. I found myself getting super invested in all the characters, so any fight or death left me heart broken. It would be so easy to go on and on about Prison Break, but considering there are so many plot twists it would also be incredibly easy to spoil it for you. 

Grey's Anatomy

Another series that I feel like I've been watching forever. Grey's has everything in it - from drama to romance, each episode is loaded with intensity. You'll fall in love with so many of the characters, especially those who are there from the start, so each time there is a dramatic event that happens (plane crashes, shooters, bombs and all - literally everything that could possible happen to this hospital does) you genuinely fear for their safety. The love and romance that happens in the hospital will leave you in a puddle of emotions, and I think I can say that everyone is searching for 'their person' after seeing Meredith and Christina's relationship. It's just too good not to watch. 

First Dates

Not on the same vein as any of my previously mentioned favourites, but still a programme I can not recommend highly enough is First Dates. You simply get to watch a blind date happen, but will find yourself swooning, cringing and in awe over so many of these couples. Some couples are obviously made for each other, but its so much fun to guess whether a date will run smoothly and cringe as they make their way through awkward 'get to know you' chat. Check it out on Channel 4 for a bit of light relief from all the intensity of other tv shows. 

The Jinx - The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst

This is the most intense documentary you will ever watch. Robert Durst is a murderer - or at least it is obvious to the viewer he is, except he has never been convicted and the one time he was on trail he was proved as not guilty. This is a real life 6 part documentary, where Robert Durst has agreed to be interviewed and talk through much of the evidence. I was left gobsmacked when I saw how his defence lawyers managed to get him off of accusations of murdering and mutilating his neighbour and when you hear some of the things that Durst lets slip in these interviews it is honestly a wonder how he hasn't been convicted of the three murders. Its undeniable that he is a creepy person- whether innocent or guilty- but its so interesting to see the stories he tells and alibi's he has. 

So these are my current favourite tv shows at the moment. Let me know if you watch any of these too and what you think of them! And of course, if you have any recommendations for me, then leave them in the comments - I'm always on the look out for more shows to watch (despite having literally no time to watch them)!


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