The Best Places To Eat In London

March 08, 2016

After my trip to London in February it's about time for me to start writing up all of my posts about what I got up to. The first of those posts is going to be a wee food diary. London has so many amazing places to eat that you truly are spoilt for choice, and it surely wouldn't be right eating at the same place twice. So this little guide can be added onto my previous London food diary where I listed many of the places I visited in December.

This latest trip to London was the trip of many brunches, whether eating in or out, brunches have become my new thing. 

The diner- Shaftsbury Avenue
Our first brunch stop was at the diner, where I satisfied all my hangover needs with what was the biggest and messiest thing on the menu. The Breakfats Burger. Filled with bacon, cheese, onions, eggs and a sausage patty this was everything I needed. The yoke of the egg broke as soon as I cut into the bun making it the sloppiest thing I've ever eaten. The balance between all the different elements was perfect, and was the ultimate fry up in a bun, making it the most filling brunch I've ever had. Holly opted for poached eggs on Breakfats muffins, which burst when she cut into them. And to cleanse her pallet was a side of fruit, making it a lot more healthy than my meal.
The diner had a really cool vibe to it, with 50s American theme running through every aspect of the interior. I'd love to make a return and try out their cocktail menu which looked so tempting had it not been 11 o'clock.

Duke on the Green - Parson's Green
After a hard morning rock climbing (where I discovered that I have 0 upper body strength) we were in desperate need of some food fuel. After a stroll through Parson's Green, we spotted Duke on the Green, a posh pub on the corner of the Green. Inside you'll be spoilt with choice of seats - arm chairs, stools, poofs and all - with different patterns that should clash but instead blend perfectly together. Had we had extra time, we were ready to delve into the pile of board games in the corner.
Although slightly on the pricier side, you really get value for money. I went for a roast chicken, chirizo and brie sandwich which came with a side of fries. The fries were awesome, and I had to stop myself from eating them all before the sandwich. The sandwich was massive. And I mean massive. It was filled to the brim and served on toasted loaf, making it the most satisfying sandwich ever. Served on a long wooden board, this joint couldn't get classier.

El Rancho De Lalo - Brixton Village
Brixton village is full of wonderful places to eat, with really authentic cooking from all around the world. Anthony and Becca picked out this wee gem that served absolutely amazing Columbian food. The menu has so much on offer that I couldn't decide what to taste, so I opted for the plate that had literally everything on it. The portion sizes are massive, and even when I had finished eating it looked like I hadn't even touched my food. With beef, sausage, pork, plantain, corn bread, beans and salad this dish was a mouth full. There were so many different flavours and it was incredible to taste so many different meats. If I had to pick a favourite part it would be the pork, which was spiced beautifully. It's incredibly good value for money, and there will be no complaints of still being hungry - in fact I think we all went into a food coma after eating. Be sure to get down fast, as its so small inside so you don't want to be turned away for dinner.

Bill's - Putney High Street
Another fabulous place for a spot of brunch. Bill's has cute and quirky decoration that leaves you wanting to deck your house out with everything in it. The food here is the perfect brunch, with all options from eggs to pancakes. I opted for (the biggest thing on the menu of course) a fried breakfast with a side of beans. The sausages were delicious, and there's the perfect proportion of bacon to sausage to egg to mushrooms and tomatoes.. It was the perfect start to the day with a glass of fresh apple juice that was too easy to drink in one gulp. Holly chose the Vegetarian breakfast which included hummus and avocado on toast with eggs, it was served beautifully and smelt amazing.

Despite it being a relatively short trip to London, I managed to taste a good selection of what London has to offer. I'm sure I'll be able to eat my way around all areas of London soon. As I said, check out my other London Food Diary here where I showed all my foodie experiences in December. And as my trips to London are becoming a fairly regular thing (yes I have another trip in the planing process for May already) be sure to leave recommendations and any of your own reviews for me!


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