Steak On Stones

March 29, 2015

I was very very lucky indeed to be asked along to try the new menu that Steak launched on the 19th of March.

Steak isn't something that I order very much at restaurants - I never quite knew how I liked it cooked, and I always worry I won't like it. BUT Steak on Stones is the new concept where you can cook your own steak! How cool is that?

I took along my big sister, after Saturday being full of girly cocktails, it was the perfect way to see the weekend to an end on the Sunday night. Immediately when we walked in, we were both amazed with how fancy the place looks and feels. Our coats were taken and we got shown to the bar. Deciding that having cocktails again was maybe too ambitious for school / uni the next day, we opted for glasses of wine - although the cocktails all sounded amazing, and they recommend different ones depending which donut you had for pudding.

One thing I loved about the Steak on Stones part of the restaurant was how cosy and quiet it felt. I had my back to the room, and it was only when I turned around at the end that I realised that the room was full! The staff were all very attentive, and recommended dishes and were all so happy.

Now to the meal.

We decided not to opt for the starter of bread, deciding we wanted to save room for the steak. We each order 200g of raw steak, which came on a plate ready for sizzling. For our sides, we ordered sweet potato mash, creamed leaks peas and bacon, and chips. All of which were amazing, especially the creamed leaked peas and bacon, I just could not get enough of it! As for sauces, we gave the wasabi mayonnaise and the pepper corn a try, and again loved the pepper corn sauce!

Each dish arrived on separate plates, perfect for sharing. Then came the main event. A large, very very hot slab of lava stone was placed at the centre of the table and we got grilling! Salting up the slab to your preference, you then start lying bits of the raw meat onto it.

I've decided I'm a bit more of a carnivore then I realised, and I actually quite liked the steak quite rare. We browned the sides, but the flavour and juices of the meat were so delicious, that it was too tempting to leave any longer cooking. We certainly took our time cooking and eating, and found by the time we were full to burst, the slab had started to cool.

Saying that, when the waitress came along offering desert, we just had to try the donuts - after all, my desert stomach was empty! For the puddings, they offer four different flavours of donuts with filling. I went for custard, while Holly chose the fudge - but we halved them so we could give them both a try. They, again, were delightful. They are fried after having the filling pipped in, and taste just perfect.

Overall, I think this has been one of the best meals I've ever had. The atmosphere at the restaurant led to a really enjoyable and relaxing evening, and getting to try cooking our own steak was a novel and exciting experience.

So if you're ever up in Edinburgh- what are you waiting for? Remember to have a look at the website here. I will definitely be heading back there very soon! Also, be sure to follow me over on Zomato where you can see all the places I check in at, and more photos!


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(sorry about picture quality - I was using my iphone and they didn't focus very well!)

*Steak very kindly gave me the opportunity to try their new menu, they did not ask for a blog post in return and this was my own decision and all opinions are my own and based upon my experience. *

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