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March 23, 2015

As this weeks 'Happier and Healthier' post, I thought I'd talk about the routines I've in placed in my week.

One of the best things I've found to help with the running of my week is getting into a routine. Ever feel like you've got so much on your plate, not enough time to deal with it all and no idea where to start? That's how a lot of my days and weeks go, and it leaves me stressed out, flustered and quite often a little emotional.

To try and combat the stress, I've been trying my hand at a bit of time management. Now I wouldn't say I'm as bad as some uni students and I have always  woken up at a reasonable time, but I've tried to become somewhat more organised.

My alarm is now set for 8 o'clock every morning. Okay that's not the best time, and at school I was used to getting up at 7, but I'd say that 8 is alright to start off with. This means I have plenty of time to waken up, get ready and feel ready for the day. I also have been going to bed by 10.30. Now I know this is lame, but it helps me a lot. I get a full night's sleep so that I feel fairly refreshed for the day ahead. Just being in this routine has got me into a good sleeping schedule so I'm getting enough sleep.

Day wise, I like to have a sort of timetable in mind when I'm setting to work. I like to have a rough idea of what work I have to do and how much I want to have completed by the end of the day. This has helped me become a lot more productive, and stay on track makes me feel happy at the end of the day. Also, I'm a lot less stressed if I have a nice little schedule to keep to, which helps me get through all the work set. A tip my mum has always said is to "chunk things down". Looking at the big picture and seeing the deadlines draw nearer is quite frightening. Breaking it down in manageable pieces helps to get through the work without becoming overwhelmed. And having a little schedule really helps to get through it.

Other then these little routines, I also have set aside a time each week to get across to the gym and have a workout. This is great to fit into my week, as the exercise really helps me feel better, and its great to relieve a bit of tension and stress by running it out.

Do you have a routine that you follow each week? Share how you cope with stress / deadlines, and any schedules that you feel help your week down in the comments or over on twitter. I'd love to know if you have suggestions!


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  1. Love that organiser, I need to invest in one!

    Gianni x

    1. My organiser is literally a life saver- can't leave the house without it!