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March 16, 2015

A few months ago I posted about my love for the 'Simple' range of skin care products and how I stuck to my night time routine using their cleanser, toner and moisturiser. NOW I have changed things up a little.

Despite not having bad skin, I've never been truly happy with my skin, and not nearly comfortable enough to wear no make up out. So I made a stop in past Super Drug with the intention to find something that would clean my pores more and leave my skin feeling and looking fresher.

I came out with Deep Action Deep Cleansing Lotion and Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub.

Its now been almost two months that I've been using their products and I feel like I can give a good review of it. I definitely see a huge difference in my skin from using the cleansing lotion. Every night I take off my makeup initially with a face wipe, then pop a bit of it onto a cotton pad and wipe my whole face clean. I never quite realised how much make up is still on my face even after a good clean with a wipe, so no wonder I was never properly happy with my skin. I then moisturise my checks and nose, avoiding my forehead and chin which are areas that do not need any help from the moisturiser for producing spots, still sticking with Simple's hydrating moisturiser.

My skin feels fully washed and refreshed when using this lotion, and it definitely clears out my pores. Because I've never found a cure for black heads, I also picked up Deep Action Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub. I use this every second night, so that I'm not ex-foliating my face too much. Although I wouldn't say its a miracle cure, it definetly has made a difference.

Overall, I'm much happier with how my face looks. I don't have to put in concealer if I'm wearing foundation anymore, and I've even made it out of the house with only a little but of concealer on. A huge difference can instantly be seen. Not only that, but my skin feel softer and smoother and breakouts are now a thing of the past, aside from the small spot here or there. 

And when those little blemishes and spots do appear? Sudocrem is my number one cure. That's one thing that definetly hasn't changed, and is unlikely ever to!

What's your night time skin care routine? Any products you can recommend?


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  1. Sudocream works on spots?? *rushes to mum's cupboard*

    I love the tea tree range, and the witch blemish stick is amazing! I'll define rely have to try sudocream though! Thank you for that!




    1. YES! It's literally the best thing that my mum has taught me haha!
      ooh thanks for the recommendation, I think that'll have to be my next purchase!


  2. I would recommend the Liz Earle three step skincare but it is kind of pricey. At the moment I'm taking a break from Liz Earle, and I'm on the Body Shop's Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser, Toner and Clearing Lotion. The toner in particular is absolutely incredible and really effective! My skin has never looked better x


    1. ooh thanks, I'll have a look into them both! I heard that Tea Tree is amazing, thanks for the tip!