Happier & Healthier| 5 Tips To A Better Week

March 09, 2015

Here's 5 little things that you can do each day which will help you feel overall better. I've been making sure I do these things every day in order to make me feel healthier and ready for the day. Its truly simple to do these five easy steps and you'll definitely feel a difference. 

Get your five-a-day
I've been making sure that I get my 5 a day, and have felt so much fuller each day. Apples and bananas on the way to classes have helped to fill me up and reduce my snacking, and adding lots of veg to my meals make my dinners much more yummy and satisfying. Snacking on fruits, making smoothies, or having soups are so easy and all count towards that magic five. 

Drink more water
The recommended daily amount to drink is 2 litres a day, but in all honesty I find it hard to do this. I do however carry around a 750ml bottle and drink that each day while I'm at classes, and make sure I drink a glass of water before my dinner and during. As well as being refreshing, it does wonders for your skin - and I've definitely noticed a difference. 

In no way am I saying that I could do a full workout each day, but I've gotten into the routine in which I go to the gym once a week, and I feel so energised afterwards. I go in order to get fitter, and just getting a little bit of cardio workout a week, I feel much healthier. But on a daily basis- just get out of your house! I complain every day about the half an hour walk to and from uni, but in reality that walk and getting fresh air helps me feel much more relaxed .

Getting a full night's sleep
I've tried to get into a routine of 8 hours a night. Some times I want longer, and if I have time and my body is telling me that I need longer then I will, but I've started to realise over sleeping can actually make you feel worse. SO eight hours it is for me and getting up fairly early each morning makes me feel ready to take on the day.

Be positive
Just thinking some happy thoughts will increase your mood and help the day run a lot smoother. Have a look at one of my posts 'A Smile A Day' where I wrote about the benefits of positive thinking. It can really have a massive effect on you and your day. Go for it - flash a smile each morning!


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