Dear November

November 04, 2014

In the style of Carrie Hope Fletcher, whose Letters to Autumn videos got me in the autumnal mood, I thought I'd 'say hello' to November in a blog post and write about what I hope for the month to bring. Carries videos were beautiful, and I'd highly recommend checking them out, each gave an insight into her October and left me wishing for her life, her outlook and general positivity. I can't say mine will be inspirational like hers, I merely thought a nod to one of my favourite months would be a new style of post on this little blog. 

So hello November! For a huge part of me, you couldn't come soon enough. There always seems to be so much to look forward to. With Halloween over, and the clocks falling backwards it seems like the winter spirit is now in the air. Christmas preparations are well on the way, the lights are going up on main streets and stores are putting on their Christmas displays, almost every shop window now has red and green tinsel adorning Christmas trees. 

Bonfire night is tonight, a night when I can't help but stare in awe at the firework display and each bang sends a jolt through my body. It remains one of my favourite nights of the year, full of expectation and wonder. 

The end of the month brings about my birthday. It scares and excites me; I enter my last year of being a teenager but the thought of spending the day with my family and ordering a Chinese take away excites me more than I care to admit. 

But November is also the month of deadlines, and while I'd like to be say I'm on top of things, ultimately I am more than a little nervous. Four essays all due within two weeks of each other is more than a little intimidating. And with you comes the fast approach of exams, I can tell I will be a little more than stressed this month. 

My hopes from you, November, is snow. Last year, I'll admit, I was disappointed by the lack of it. I love waking up to a white covering over usual dull scene. Everything seems so peaceful and still first thing in the morning. Having to wrap up and wear boots with woolly socks creates more excitement in me than you'd believe. And getting the opportunity to sledge or build snowmen or slide along the frozen roads takes me back to the time when snow days were the best day possible. 

November, you also bring about the build up to Christmas. And with plans being finalised for the day, each day can't go past quick enough. With the Christmas market coming to town soon and the frost appearing first thing in the morning, I can't help but feel Christmassy. 

Thank you November, for bringing hope and lots of hot chocolate. Please be kind to us all. 


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  1. This is a lovely way of greeting (and welcoming) November! I love the excitement and anticipation of Christmas that it brings and yes, fingers crossed for snow! Thank you for following my blog by the way, I've gladly followed you too - have a lovely weekend! :)