November 11, 2014


A day of remembrance for those who fought bravely and gave their lives for us. 


I just wanted to share these photos and a poem with you. I'll admit my dad actually took these photos of the church this past Sunday but the church was decorated so beautifully with poppies that it would be a shame not to share the display. During the service, it's become somewhat of a tradition for members of the congregation to read out some verses, whether they are poems or extracts from children's, wives or soldiers diaries. It really makes you face the reality of war, and the horrors it entails. 

One of the poems read was beautifully written by my sister and she's allowed me to share it with you. 


Everyday another step closer,
Closer to the day we remember, 
Remember those gone and those lost,
Lost in the cruelest way.

The red red poppy,
Poppy that grew for them,
Them who sacrificed everything,
Everything they loved and wanted.

The day's tick ticking past,
Past the point of every forgetting,
Forgetting the pain is no option,
Option is something none of them had.

How many life's have to be lost?
Lost before it can all finally stop,
Stop the pain, stop the madness,
Madness of war that will never end.



This year I've been wearing a poppy bracelet that I love, which I got from a coffee morning at my church. It's something a little different to wear and show support. I'm going to miss having it around my wrist! 

Although this is sad and very thought provoking post, it seems only right to give respect to those who gave their lives for us, and not only in the World Wars but any war that has occurred. I hope that you don't mind me posting about this. 


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