My Night Out Look Explained

April 21, 2014

I made my way back to Edinburgh on Saturday just for the night because it was my friend's 19th Birthday and we were going to celebrate. Annoyingly, a lot of people were at home for the holidays, or busy revising for exams, but although there were only a few of us, we all had a great night. I haven't seen my friends for 2 weeks so it was great to see them all again, even if it was a fleeting visit.

The night ended up being a bit of a messy one, as it always does when ring of fire is involved in predrinks, and on Sunday morning I was definitely paying for it; a 9 o'clock train ride was certainly not ideal.

But I thought I'd share my outfit and make-up look for you to see, with a talk through of what make up I've got on.

For my birthday, some younger girls who live on my street and I've known for years very kindly gave me a sunkissed make up kit and I basically based my whole make up look around those eye shadows, which I find I use almost every day. The colours are not overly pigmented, so I find them perfect for an everyday, casual look. A while ago, though, I was watching a Tanya Burr video (which I can't find the exact one) where she said that she was using a bronzer and highlighter for her eye make up. In this kit that I was given is a very gold and shimmery bronzer and highlighter, which I tried to use initially, but on my pale complexion it didn't look good to say the least. So why I saw Tanya's video, I decided to try it out for my eyes, since she said golds were in season. I have found I really like this look and I've worn it on many a night out, but when I was getting ready on Saturday, I tried to change it up a little. This time, I've used the highlighter on the lid, and blended the bronzer above, as usual, but I also blended in the dark brown from the brown pallet into the crease and outer edge of my eye. I then used the cream underneath my eye brow, and somewhat daringly used a lilac from the purple pallet in the corner of my eye upwards. I find pale purples match my skin tone quite well, and I've been told that purples are supposed to bring out green eyes, so I took a risk adding it to this make up look, but I discovered it worked well because it was subtle, but brightened my eye. On my eyes, I also used my Max Factor mascara, a brown eye liner on the outer corners of my under eyes (which I found at the bottom of my make up bag), a white Natural Collection eye liner to the inner corners, which helps to widen your eye (and I feel like my eyes are quite small), as well as black liquid eye liner over the tops of my lid.

As a base on my face, I use Clinique tinted moisturiser, as I don't feel like my skin needs the thicker coverage that foundation gives, in the lightest shade; and touch up my spots and blemishes with collection lasting perfection concealer. Because I have been a little bit stressed this week, as well as eating a lot of unhealthy food, I've found that I have had quite a few spots that need more coverage, and so I used benefit boi-ing concealer on those spots. I used Benefit Dandelion blusher on the apples of my cheeks and on my lips, I've used the sunkissed lip liner, which I then went over with just vaseline to give it a shinier appearance.

And there's my attempt at a make up explaination! Hopefully this was interesting to some people, obviously I am in no way a make up artist, nor do I want to be one or try to be one, but I've recently been asked about my eye shaddow, and I just fancied trying to do a make up post.

What I wore

  • Black crop top from Republic (bought last Spring) 
  • Pink chequered tight skirt from Internationale
  • Skin coloured tights (I forgot to bring black tights as I have all of mine at home with me)
  • Black gym type shoes from Primark
  • Necklace from Internationale
  • Leather coat from Miss Selfridge (bought last winter) 
I borrowed the top and skirt from my little sister, as I am feeling very uninspired by my current wardrobe, a shopping spree is definitely needed!

Unfortunately, I forgot to get a picture of the outfit on, but if a good one appears on Facebook soon then I will update this with a picture of it.

Love and hugs,


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