Song Of The Week #2

April 20, 2014

My favourite song this week has been One Direction's 'Why Don't We Go There'. This song is off of their 3rd album, Midnight Memories. The reason I have been absolutely loving this song is because I've been going on a lot of drives with my sister Eleanor and we have taken to blasting it out, windows rolled down and singing along at the top of our voices.

It's such a great song, great to belt out, and it makes me smile. I love to go for drives around with Eleanor because we always blast music out. Today we had a 30 minute journey to some woods just out of Aberdeen, and the whole way we were singing. It's such great fun, especially with the weather we've been getting over the last few days.

I realise that One Direction are a typically teenage girl band, and believe you me, I got made fun of no end at school for being as obsessed as I am. But they make such feel good music, that you can't help smile to. Today it's been a year since we saw them in Manchester for the Take Me Home tour, and we had a little bit of a reminisce about it too. I don't care that One Direction get slagged off for 'not producing good music'; I find it fun and cheesy and just good to put on. And each song has a different memory attached to it for me, so that's why this week I have been loving One Direction. And with their Midnight Memories tour starting off song (we're going in June) I feel like its only right to play some of their songs.

Have a listen if you haven't already, its ideal to listen to in the sun and to kick back and relax to. Why Don't We Go There


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