Lunch Date With My Sister

April 27, 2014

We've started making it a bit of a habit that my sister, Eleanor, and I will go for a lunch date together when I'm home over the week. I meet Eleanor during her school lunch break, and we'll spend the hour either at Belmont Picture House cafe or Books and Beans. These are both places that we wouldn't usually go for a school lunch, so its a nice treat during the school week for Eleanor.

This time, we decided to go to Books and Beans. The cafe is adorable. The walls are lined with second hand books that you are allowed to take out and read over coffee and you can buy them too. For the first time, I actually bought a book from them- a huge book about Athens in the classical period. I was scoffed at by Eleanor, but that's what I'm studying right now so I thought it would be useful.

We always try to go to this one corner of the book shop, where there are only three tables, so its quieter and enclosed. We also always get a toasted panini from them, which comes along with salad and some crisps. And as there are always so many paninis to pick from, we decided to go for a spicy meatballs panini and a chicken tika and cheddar one, then half it and share them with one another. Since it was another cold day in Aberdeen, we also got a hot chocolate each to go along with it.

I love having these lunches together, it all started with our older sister too, but now that she works, she can only come for weekend lunch dates. But its a perfect opportunity to chat away to each other and feel grown up. Its become some what of a tradition, that I hope continues.

Hot Chocolate

Spicy MeatBall Panini

Chicken Tika and Cheddar Panini

Inside the shop- image source

The Shop from the street- image credit

 Outfit of the Day

This outfit has fast become one of my favourites this week because its comfortable and casual, but looks like I've put some thought and effort into, and I try to change around the necklace I wear with it too.

What I'm wearing:
  • Shoes from Primark
  • Black Chord Skirt from Primark
  • Light Pink Jumper from New Look
  • Gold Necklace from Internationale
And I wore this with my Next Boyfriend style coat, and a tartan scarf. 


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  1. I've never been to Books & Beans but my sister loves it too! I should definitely make a trip :)

    Christy x
    Dinner Stories