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May 15, 2018

Summer is fast on its way, and already travel adverts are filling the breaks on the TV, sending my wanderlust into overload. Is anyone else counting down the days till summer arrives? Some warmer weather is definitely in order after the Beast from the East consumed Britain and sent our spring back another month.

Everyone's sharing their summer plans on social media, and it got me thinking - its never too early to start getting ready. Which is why, I'm sharing a new bikini set that I was given from UK Swimwear, which I think it perfect for days spent lazing in the sun.

UK Swimwear features a huge selection of brands, in a variety of shapes and styles for you to find that perfect item to make you feel confident this summer. Whether its bikinis or swimsuits, or a kaftan or sundress to cover up, you'll find an amazing selection here. A quick browse of the site and you'll find there's so much choice; each category is filled with different designers with different styles of suit.

Have a specific style in mind, know that you're more a bandeau girl or fancy a cut out? You can select the style you're looking for and find that perfect suit for you.

Each summer I'm on the hunt for that perfect bikini - something thats fashionable, comfortable and will fit both on top and the bottom. Every time I'm bikini hunting, I find that I'm trying on different sizes of tops to bottoms, trying to find the right combination that will keep everything in place. And I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. As soon as I tried on my new bikini, I held in a breath - assuming I'd be confronted with the usual problem. Not this time, oh no. Both top and bottom fit perfectly, and I feel so secure and comfortable in them. UK Swimwear have a great selection of sizes, and a helpful cup size chart so that you can easily select the perfect size for you.

After searching through the huge abundance of bikini styles on their site, I found the perfect one for me. A simple bikini with a little twist. The cut out details on the bikini are beautiful, and feel sturdy, and are in keeping with the latest bikini fashion trends. The design is simple yet effective - mirroring the patterns of the sun on the water. It'll look perfect pool side or down by the beach.

The quality of this bikini is what has really sold me. The padding and material used feel sturdy, and won't rip or stretch after a summer spent in the pool. The gold detailing doesn't feel or look plasticy either, which helps the bikini exude glamour. After having a quick jump up and down, and even pretending to have a quick swim, I feel supported and secure in both the top and the bottom.

What I really enjoyed about UK Swimwear's website is that you know you're getting something unique. They only carry a few of the sizes of each design, so if they have you're size in your favourite style then you'd better snatch it up quick before someone else does.

Unlike my usual high street swimwear purchases, which I know I'll be chucking out at the end of summer when they're faded and stretched, I know that I'll have this bikini for holidays to come. So I'd say the price tag is definitely worth it.

Have a look through their website and decide what one you'll be treating yourself to ~ UK Swimwear

I've decided to spare you the shots of me in this bikini - my pale white Scottish skin hasn't seen the sun in months. Keep a look out on social media when I bring this bikini with me in my summer travels and you'll see it in action.

Lots of love,

*This product was gifted to me by UK Swimwear, however all opinions posted are my own.

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  1. The bikini looks super cute, however, I do not have a beach anywhere near me so... :(

  2. I'm also trying on different sizes at top and bottom when I'm on a hunt for that perfect bikini.