Durham Botanic Gardens

October 30, 2017

For me, there's nothing better than getting out and having a walk around the city. In Edinburgh, there were so many places that I loved to explore, so now that I'm in a new city, its time for me to explore all the places that Durham has to offer. After a long week stuck in the library, there's nothing I love more than having a walk in the fresh air. This time of year calls for a few more layers each time I step out - hats and scarves are now staples in my wardrobe - but there's nothing I love more than seeing the changing colours of the trees. 

My favourite spot to stroll around is the Botanic Gardens. I love exploring Botanic Gardens in each city.. Edinburgh, Aberdeen, London - I've always loved to stop off at the gardens. Getting to see the different nature in different climate zones is amazing - so many different trees and plants to look at and admire. And visiting them at different times of the year, means that the gardens are ever changing, with new plants blossoming and blooming in each season. 

Durham's Botanic Gardens are great to explore, especially this time of the year when all the autumnal colours are out. As soon as you step out the door, you're greeted by beautiful orange and yellow trees.  I've been able to spend hours exploring the gardens, and following leaf covered paths. 

The gardens also have some animal areas - which is something I've never come across before. One of the cutest sections is a field with goats in it, which you can walk through. Okay, so I've not actually opened the gate, but I've stood for ages to watch as the goats strut around. 

Within the greenhouse is a tropical section, with a room filled with cacti (and when I last went, they had some for sale so of course I picked one up). Through another door, is a pond filled with fish, which for a small donation you can actually feed. Along another wall are tanks filled more creatures - lizards, tarantulas, scorpions. You'll find my nose permanently attached to the tank, staring in amazement at them. 

Dotted around the gardens are amazing art work, sculptures that fit in with the theme of nature. From giant wasps to bell ringers numerical compositions, the art will make you take a minute to think about not only the art, but also its setting in the gardens. 

The gardens are a great place to spend a morning or an afternoon - it's perfect for a quiet stroll, whether by yourself or with a friend. Immersing yourself in the nature, is so peaceful and relaxing. It's also perfect for families and kids - there are trails around the whole gardens for kids to look out for certain wildlife, which will keep them entertained for the visit! 

While its free for Durham uni students and staff, and children, it's very cheap for anyone to visit - with adults only £4. And once you've spent hours walking around the gardens, there's a cafe where you can sit and eat some delicious home bakes, and warm up with a cuppa. 


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  1. That nature is so beautiful, the Botanic Gardens look like a wonderful place to visit in the fall. Thank you for sharing your photos xx

    Sending light & love your way,


  2. I love botanic gardens too - they are the perfect place for a destressing walk! <3

    G is for Gingers xx