48 Hours In Edinburgh

May 03, 2017

We're getting into travel season now and every second advert on tv has kids running into the ocean, friends barbecuing under the sun, and couples lounging on the beach. It's making me more than a little wanderlust, as I start to firm up my plans for this summer and day dreaming of all the places I could travel. The other month I explained why I was pretending to be a tourist in my own city, and today I'm thinking about what travel tips I can share with the world.

I'm not a travel guru - as much as I want to be one, or would like to pretend I am. So instead I thought that I'd share how I'd spend a weekend in my own cities - Aberdeen and Edinburgh. I know the ins and outs of the cities, so why not share my advice on how to spend your time here, starting with Edinburgh. 

So you've come for a short trip up to the capital, but don't know where to start? Edinburgh is a beautiful city with so much to do, so you won't be short of things to do when you come up. 

Saturday Morning

I'd recommend starting the weekend off with a good exploration of The Old Town. Edinburgh is split into two parts - the historic Old Town with the gorgeous buildings, winding closes and streets on top of streets. In the morning you should visit The National Museum of Scotland. It's my favourite place with so many different things for you to discover. There's something here for everyone to enjoy, with artefacts spanning across different time periods and places, as well as a games hall for the younger (and young at heart) folk to enjoy. You can't miss a trip up to the roof top terrace, for views across the whole of the city.
Then pop across the road to Grey Friar's Graveyard. Grey Friar's Bobby is a little dog who captures the heart of every visitor. You can see his grave here, or pop to the Museum of Edinburgh to find out more of his story. For Harry Potter fans, you can also have fun seeing some of the graves that gave J K Rowling inspiration, including the grave of Thomas Riddle.

Saturday Lunch

Since you're in the Old Town, you should try one of the independent cafes that Edinburgh has to offer. Right next to the museum is Check Point or Thomas J Wells, which both serve up tasty and filling lunches. 

Saturday Afternoon

Take a walk on down Victoria Street - it's one of Edinburgh's most photographed streets, and when you see the colourful buildings you'll understand why. It's filled with great independent shops that you'll surely find something you'll love in there. Follow the street down into the Grassmarket. It's filled with great vintage boutiques as well, including Armstrongs  - enough vintage to last you a life time - and GoDiva - beautiful handmade clothes and local designers. You can follow the stairs up to the Castle, and either pay to go in and explore, or spend some time taking in the view. You'll surely be getting hungry and tired by this point so start meandering down the royal mile and make your way past the bag pipers and the beautiful St Giles. 
And if you're needing a coffee break at any point, then why not head to one of the many cafes I love in Edinburgh Old Town - check out this post for more information! 

Saturday Dinner

The Royal Mile has some good spots to eat, but my new favourite is Wings. Located on Old Fish Market Close, the order of the day is chicken wings and more chicken wings. Check out my review here! 

Saturday Evening

Book onto one of the many Ghost Tours on Edinburgh's Royal Mile. These are great fun, but not for the faint hearted. Hear about Edinburgh's dark and gruesome past and explore the haunted vaults for yourself. Underground City of the Dead Tours offers up some great stories - read about my experience here!

Sunday Morning

Today I suggest you head on down to the New Town. The Georgian houses here are amazing, and worth a visit - if only to compare to the buildings that you saw yesterday in the Old Town. Take a stroll to Circus Lane, another favourite spot for photographers and one of Edinburgh's prettiest streets. Head on down to Stockbridge, where every Sunday there is a market on. You can treat yourselves to some of the handmade goodies, and your mouth will be watering at the smells of all the food.

Sunday Lunch

You're there, so it would be rude not to try any of the food. The market has plenty of street food stalls, that you'll be spoilt for choice. 

Sunday Afternoon

Take this afternoon a bit slower after your busy day yesterday. Start off by enjoying the charity shops that fill Stockbridge, where you'll find a bargain or two. Then take a stroll along the Water of Leith and follow the river along to Dean Village, with its cute little houses. It's a beautiful walk where you can enjoy the nature and feel relaxed. After relaxing in what feels like a different city, you can then walk on back up the road, and within minutes you're back into the heart of Edinburgh at the West End of Princes Street.

Sunday Dinner

As your final dinner, you should check out the food on Lothian road, which is at the West End of Princes Street. A short walk along the road, and you'll be at Red Squirrel, which serves up some great traditional Scottish food, perfect for your last meal in the capital. 

What a weekend you will have! Of course, there are so many other things that I could recommend for you to do, so if you're here for a bit longer then give me a message and I'll give you some recommendations. Check out my Edinburgh Bucket List to see the things I want to do here before I move away!
And if you have visited Edinburgh, then let me know what you liked in the comments, and leave suggestions for other people too! 


Did you see that I'm visited Orkney last week as part of World Heritage Day? I'm one of Dig It 2017 six bloggers who are following the #ScotlandinSix events. Check out my post on what we got up to while celebrating World Heritage Day 2017! 

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  1. So many fun things to indulge in...This is a fun guide

  2. Aah I love Edinburgh, when we were there last month we ate at Bubba Q's on the Royal Mile it was really good and huuuuuge portions too! We never went on the ghost walks this time but have been before and would recommend Mary King's Close. Next time I plan on going to the National Museum as there just wasn't enough time to see everything :)

    Oh and I never knew you lived in Aberdeen too, I just thought you lived in Edinburgh :) xx

    Denise | The Life of Dee

  3. Damn - it's so pretty. I would love to visit Edinburgh. :)

  4. Damn I want to visit Edinburgh so bad! Thankfully I've planned a trip there this autumn :-)

  5. This place is fantastic! I would love to visit Edinburgh some day soon. The Old Town is so lovely.

  6. I would love to visit! It looks so fantastic

  7. I love Edinburgh, it's such a pretty place. I visited a few years ago, bur definitely would love to come back!! Thanks for sharing X

  8. I love Edinburgh! Just got back from spending five days there and I got to wander through the national museum by myself and it was amazing! Also went to the botanical gardens a few weeks ago that are definitely worth a visit! Would love to make it to the Stockbridge market next time I am up! xo